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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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ZZ Juliette (06/23/06)

Salute! Emplacement impressionnant, vraiment frais !

Espoir que vous vous arrêtez par une certaine heure et parole salut ou quelque chose lol

Le puits voient le ya autour, un plus défunt

Dans les rues de tokyo
La vitesse n’a pas boison de traduction
Rapides et dangereux~

ah dbz! don't you just hate those sites that aren't in english?

Dark Phoenix (06/18/06)

Thanks for stopping by and signing my guestbook. It's appreciated. I see you are new here. Welcome to the O! I hope you like it here.

And yes, the pages for my friends page and such was taken from Aethereality. They are an awesome site, no doubt. ^_^ But no, my main page was not. I html coded it and did the graphics for it. I usually do do the main page theme, graphics, and layout myself, so that I have the flexibility to shape and mold it how I want. I used Aethereality for the links pages cause I got lazy, heh. I'll get around to putting one of my originals on there eventually.

Oh! And PPT is an abbreviation for the a latin phrase "first of three." First of three members, to be exact. PPT's are what Beck, Red, and myself call ourselves for being the founders of THAT. If you'd like to know more about THAT or would like to join, visit our site, we're on the O as well. You can find the link under THAT in the "my clubs" section of my sidebar. Heh, lots of the otaku legends belong!

Anyway, I'll add ya as a friend as well and see you around.

RinoaSquall4ever (06/18/06)

Heyo there!
I've seen you around the MyO quite a lot... so I thought I should drop by your site to check it out. XD
And boy, do I love your layout. It looks very awesome. XD And I love the color of the layout too. ^^

Well, I'll be adding you as a friend now! Well hope to talk to you later. Bye!

kingN (06/17/06)

WOW i like you site, it looks nice. you can check out mine, but it's not as good as yours. well i'm going to add you as a friend,

somegirl (06/15/06)

evil evil evil....
ok ok ok

3! hahah lol

i love your site theme awsome job on it! congrats! lol^^ well i g2g! so because this is so short and we're already friends... i'll leave ou a joke.....

“You're Hispanic. You speak Spanish. You're doing ethnic jokes. Taco Bell is one of your first targets.” ~Carlos Mincia
Jade: That guy so rocks!

“There was a black guy and a native American guy sitting at a table. They were discussing with race had it the worst. The black guy turned o the Native American and said `Our race had it the worse! We were taken for our home, shipped over sea to some land where we didn’t even know the language then forced to work in cotton fields for nothing!’
Native American: `No way, we had it worse, we have been tortured for centuries and we were here first! Have you ever heard of anyone playin’ cowboys and colored-folk, No!’ ”

kk ttyl! bye

Ruler of Destiny (06/13/06)

Cool site. I've never seen a layout like that on MyOtaku. It looks pretty neat!

Magnus Lensherr (06/12/06)


I have seen you around other sites so i thought i would come by and check out your site and my God am i amazed byt his place! It looks completely amazing! i know you dont seem to take credit for it or anything liek that but man it looks utterly fantastic! It almost looks like a freewebs site by all the cool designs and everything!

Wow and you are only new here as well i was never getting 16 comments within my first 2 months here i was on like the 4 you said you had last time1 And my site looked useless! Way to go i have to say that i am damned impressed!

You seem like a fantastic person from the comments i have seen around and i would hope that we can be friends and comment on each others posts ~ Smiles ~

Take care and i am sure this place is going to be in the top 500 before much longer it is just fantastic!

Take care and i will see you around!

Only Darkness Will Live On For Eternity!

Yamis Pharaohess (06/11/06)


I'm just here to say thanks for the comments on some of my work! I try my best. ^^'
I love your site, too! it's really awesome. the layout is cool. ^^

I'll add ya as a friend, ok? If you don't mind.

See Ya!
~*~Yamis Pharaohess~*~

saiyan alchemist (06/10/06)

Hiyaz-suu!! awezome site!!! Thankies for signing by gb. The layout was coolie.I'm adding youuuu.

midnight shadow (06/10/06)

hi! omg im so srry!!! ive never skipped a gb before!!!! i dont know how i did that!! im sooo sorry!!!

but thnx for visiting my site anyway! and thnx for signing my gb...a while ago...lol^^;

i like yur site!yepp yepp! very nice! =)

ok well ima add yu as a friend now! ttyl! =)

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