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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/27/07:

What Yu Yu Hakusho character are you? PICTURES ADDED

You are the refined (but sexy) fox demon Kurama. You are a gentle and sometimes submissive soul. You care much for the ones you love and are a magnet for the girls. However, you do have the weakness of multiple lives. You try to live them all when you need to only live one. But that does not matter! We love you anyway! *glomps the quiz taker*
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Result Posted on 03/26/07:

What is your Yu Yu Hakusho Zodiac!! (read memo)

You are a Sagittarius!Element: FirePlanet: JupiterGifts: Communicate, Salesmanship, Storytellers, Joy of Living, Sense of Humor, InsightFears: Anything that confines or limits freedom or choices, Confined in intelectually stifling situations, Loss of freedomYu Yu Hakusho Character: YusukeWhy: Yusuke is the true meaning of a Sagittarius through his way of wandering and staying on long adventures for days on end. He is free and does not take orders from anyone. This may also be why he terrorizes Koenma when he gives missions to our beloved hero. Yusuke is the perfect match for a Sagittarius not because of his intelligence, but his lust for freedom.The PhilosopherThe AdventurerThe Free Spirit
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Result Posted on 03/23/07:
Alligator? Well the description fits but..alligator?? xD

What Animal Eyes Do You Have?

You have the eyes of an alligator in the water. It's hard to tell who you are and how you feel. You could be a crocodile, alligator, or just a bit lizard. You keep certain things hidden about yourself, and that's what makes people see you as mysterious. There are some who know how you really are, but those are the people you enjoy being around with and who are close to you. You enjoy alone time, but being with others is okay to you as well. People don't really pester you because they really don't know what you're capable of doing. Hmm...could be a good thing.
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Result Posted on 03/16/07:

What Wolf Element Are You? {Now with Pictures}

~ICE~ You are distant and secluded, not feeling comfortable in large packs, and may even be a loner. But you will join forces when absolutely necessary.
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Result Posted on 03/11/07:

Your Personality is the Rarest (INFJ)
Your personality type is introspective, principled, self critical, and sensitive. Only about 2% of all people have your personality - including 3% of all women and around 1% of all men. You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

Result Posted on 03/06/07:

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What is Your Ideal Anime Weapon?
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Result Posted on 02/10/07:

Your Love Type: INFJ
The Protector

In love, you strive to have the perfect relationship.
For you, sex is nearly a spiritual experience, a bonding of souls.

Overall, you have high expectations for any relationship you're in.
However, you tend to hold back a part of yourself.

Best matches: ENTP and ENFP

Result Posted on 02/05/07:

Your Personality Cluster is Introverted Intuition
You are:

Multilayered and complex
Inspired and driven to achieve your goals
A visionary with a complete life plan
Intuitive enough to understand difficult problems, ideas, and people

Result Posted on 02/03/07:
Lol. xD

Which FMA Kitty Are You?

You are RIZAKITTY, sweet, quiet and have fondness of weapons. They are very friendly, prefer peace, and order in their household. They gladly play games with their familys. Some favorite games include "Get Back to Work", "This is My Spot on the Couch" and "Feed Me NOW, Dammit" all of which usual involve the gun beign thrown at you.
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Result Posted on 02/03/07:

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What Paper Agent Are You?
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