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Friday, May 11, 2007

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what's up everyone? Nothing really exciting happened here I just dragged myself along through the week. Today I'm alright, but my throat is dry and scratchy. Hate it when that happens. *Is armed with Halls*

I can't wait until school is out, only two more weeks. As I've said before I don't fit in at school at all. I'm not picked on or anything I just..I do exactly as I said, just drag along and don't talk to anyone, except for maybe four people.^^' And I catch people staring at me. I notice everyonce in a while. What is up with that anyhow? I'm not really attractive, I mean, I don't think so. I guess they're just trying to figure me out? Who knows. I'm an oddball, that I am.

Today I'm going to get my hair cut..it's getting really hot here, and long hair can be a pain during the summer. Then I'll draw, as usual. Anyone want to do a trade?

Well thank you for the visit my friends. ^_^

Ja mata!
-Blue/Seras/DarkWolves whatever the hell you wanna call me~
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