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Saturday, May 5, 2007

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Quote: "Don't get yourself killed. I'll never forgive you if you do Seras. Never." -Integra

It's been a busy week for me, I'm happy to relax now. *sigh* How have my friends been? Good I hope.

My band concert went well, thanks for wishing me good luck everyone. ^_^

Nothing really interesting happened during the schooldays..execpt for when me and Ami-chan aka Nathaniel's Bitch(yes that's her username on here, Lol.) were talking about our funky-ass dreams. I dreamed about werewolf girls eating people and she dreamed that her friend's parents adopted something like the girl from the ring only male. We were loudly debating which one was the creepiest, and things like 'well me/her ate the girl!!', and 'well the zombie stalked me' were said. Freaked the hell out of everyone at the table. XD

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And yesterday I went to the movies with Ami-chan to see SpiderMan 3. It was pretty good, awesome graphics that were to be expected. Peter Parker's so dorky sometimes though. XD

We also got wolf whistled at when were we walking up to our seats in the theater. I'm surprised I noticed actually. And you know, her big brother Bubba was the one who took us, and I'm surprised he didn't attack the guys.^^'

Anyway ever notice that I change the first song on my site alot? Heh, hope you don't mind. There's just too many songs that I love.

Well thanks for stopping by. ^_^
Ja mata,
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