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Friday, April 6, 2007

this is just a quick post...I am in a good mood because I'm about to go to an art museum with my mother, and I found out that someone was kind enough to post Hellsing OVA 3. OVA 2 isn't even out in the states yet..(lucky japan). I wounder what's taking them all so long to get it here. =/ No worries, because here is the 3 one which has more blood than the other two. And it has Pip in it! The wonderful mercenary that is in my background. And Seras gets to prove to him that she is indeed a vampire.^^~

By the way, this is the first part, which is in Japanese no subs, but it's still neat to watch.^^' I'm sure not one of you will watch it but that's ok. I just have to have it on my site.

*quietly squees*

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