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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

   .:Kinda down:.
how're things going for you all? I hope life's been good to you. And thanks for commenting on my new fanart, it's appreciated.^^

I'm not feeling to well, as the subject says. Things are going fine it's just that..I'm just alittle mad at myself. I'm an Otaku, all the way to the point where there really isn't much else I'm interested in. I read manga all the time, I draw it, talk about it..

Have you ever liked something, yet been ashamed of it at times? I'm in one of those moods where I feel bad for liking anime so much. I'm not going to quit, though, because it's my favorite art form.

I'm just a loser with that, I mean, I really don't do much else.(Not that there is anything else here to do, but..) And I drive everyone nuts about it, and I'll admit it is pathetic. I don't care what outsiders think, just my loved ones. I'm sure they get sick of it, which is what bothers me.

Maybe it's better to be without any loved ones..I'm not choosing anime over them, I just don't think I should be around others because..just because I'm me. Some of which include dark, creepy and obsessive.

I am sorry, I don't mean to sound mopey and whiney. Just a break in my self-esteem, and I need to get it out somewhere. And you all tend to give me advice so why not here.

Yusuke/Keiko AMV

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