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Friday, February 2, 2007

I'm back, and I've missed you all. I feel really empty when I don't have Otaku to go to.

But I'm finally in my new house, and I really like it. My family moves houses alot but hopefully I'll stay in this place till I finish highschool.

It's kinda funny, I looked over my room after I finished unpacking, and Wolf's Rain and Hellsing is everywhere.(Gee imagine that. Lol) I can't wait to get a great big Alucard wallscroll. It'll loom over my bed and scare people. xD

Anyway..the day I got my internet connection back, my friend finished my drawing request. She is a fantastic artist, so please go look at her artwork when you get the chance.^^ Her username is AzraBalta.

Well I'm happy to be back, and I'll be sure to visit sites this weekend.
Thanks for reading.

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