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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

how're you all today? Good I hope. Nothing much here, I got up alittle while ago. Went to the movies with my friends yesterday. We saw Night at the Museum. It was pretty funny, even though I prefer drama myself. ^_^ I had fun.

Anyways, there is something that bothers me..any of you guys watch the news? I don't usually, but it just happened to be on last night. The only thing that they talk about are events of death, rape, loss..just goes to show where humanity is headed and it makes me sad. Don't people have morals any more?

I saw one thing that particularly pissed me off..said that a group of fourteen year old girls randomly beat up a twelve year old for fun. And that they video taped it and fucking put it on Youtube. Well they were showing clips of it on tv and it's horrible. They're kicking and pulling the little girl's hair..and they think that's funny? How humans be so cruel as that is beyond me.

I personally can't stand it..I wish someone would do that to them..if I was there I'd love to tear them apart for that. Nothing irks me more than to see the innocent being picked on.

You know, instead of being an artist when I'm older maybe I should be a nun or something. Help people, cause god knows this world needs it. We should all be kinder to each other, but discipline and justice is needed too. Badly needed.

Ha, sorry, I think I'm done with my rant now.
Thanks for reading. ^_^

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