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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

   Refer me!!
If you're gonna sign up for the Konami RPG Stars, please refer me, as in DarkWizard. Thanks!
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

   Farewell Childhood...
And so thus comes to an end my mandatory school years. It's funny how when I was little, I wanted to quickly get past school and get on with life, and yet now, I can't help but to miss the carefree feeling of grade school. Despite all the bumps and obstacles I've faced, I would go back and relive those 12 years of grade school.
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

   My art
For those that are interested, I will be uploading my drawings at my MSNSpace at http://spaces.msn.com/members/darkwizard-art/

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   Goodbye, sweet summer!
Aye, once again, summer has come and gone, and it's the start of a new school year. Oh joy... To make things worse, this is my last year, so that mean BIG exams at the end, and lots of pressure to do really well. Oh if only I could turn back time, I'd go and enjoy my childhood a hell lot more. Well good day to all, and to whoever also starts school today, have fun.

PS. Is it me, or is high school an evil concept that just brings out the angst in us? I swear, I've never felt so down in my life, and many other people I know have darken (personality wise) considerably. It could just be that we're maturing, but it just seems like high school just brings out that teen angst from us.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sigh, my summer has once again come and gone...
Once again, the summer is almost over, and school starts for me on the 6th of September. Ah, I hate the beginnings of school years (and new semesters), you have to adjust to the new classes all over again. At least this is my last year of high school though, although the thought of university is pretty daunting. I hope whoever else is still on summer holiday enjoys the rest of it, before we're once again dragged back into the hell that is school (oh gawd the homework...).

As of Monday, I found myself another good comic book store, and I am now currently 9 back issues away from collecting all the the Teen Titans back issues (WHOOT!). Unfortunately the first issue is looking mighty expensive (relative to new comics, like about $20 CAD). And to anyone that thinks that comics are something that only kids collect, that couldn't be more wrong. Comics has that seriousness and dark stories that I seldom find in the manga that is in America. Most manga that I find are those aimed at young adults, and rarely do I find one that is dark, rough, and not filled with bishies (no offence, but they just annoy me, it's just my personal taste). And collecting an entire run of a comic series is just so much more an accomplishment than getting the entire series of a manga IMO. But fear not, I still hold an interest in manga, but I ain't gonna be buying any manga anytime soon until I have a reliable source of income.

And holy crap, I just realized that I joined myOtaku one day before Alberta's B-day! Things you notice when you're bored!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Oh yesterday went great, until it started raining. I got so drenched by the time I got home, and I think I'm sick with something now. Stupid busses here takes forever to get around, so I was forced to wait in the rain for the bus so I can got get my comics. But that just so worth it. Instead of just 4 comics this time, I just grabbed a copy of any back issues of Teen Titans they had, and ended up buying 10 comics. Then I had to get some comic storage bags and back boards to prevent the comics from bending, and all that added up to $57.50 CAD with GST. It hurted knowing I spent nearly 60 bux on comics, but that comic binge just felt good! Now I have 14 comics of the 25 back issues that I need, and these comics are just damn entertaining. Hopefully next week I can go out again and find another 2 or so comics to add to my growing collection!

Well that's it for now, have a nice day all!

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Monday, August 8, 2005

   Yay presents!
Whoo hoo! Yesterday, my mom got me the iPod Shuffle (the 512MB one), and it sure is one piece of awesome technology. There's nothing quite like listening to over 100 songs anytime anywhere. It's awesome!

On Saturday, my sister treated me out to East Indian for dinner. That was one of the best dinners ever. The food was just awesome, and the fact that almost everything thing had a sauce was just great. I love saucy foods, and it was just spicy enough to give it a kick, yet not enough to have me spouting fire. It was a great dinner indeed!

Now today, Selena is taking me out to get me my present, which is $20 CAD worth of comics. Never would I thought I'd be so interesting in something other than videogames (beside my academic interests). After her, all that's left is something from my brother, but I think I'm just gonna hold his off until something worthwhile comes along, like Soul Calibur III or something. There isn't any REALLY must get games now, seeing how SquareEnix hasn't pumped out a Final Fantasy game since X-2. Oh well.

Well anyways, have a fun day everyone!

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Friday, August 5, 2005

   17th Revolution around the Sun!
Whoot! I'm finally made my 17th trip around the Sun (read: my 17th B-Day)! Oh how fast time passes. So for my B-Day, free pop, cookies, cake, and balloons for all! Have a nice day all!
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Monday, August 1, 2005

I never would've thought it would happen, but I think I'm starting to lose interest in videogames *insert gasp*. Recently there hasn't been any substantially interesting game that interests me. Sure I want to play Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube, but getting that GC seems so far away. Not to mention that all the good games are coming out at Christmas too. The major bugger is that FFXII is coming out NEXT year. This FF dryspell is getting annoying, and the gameplay shown in screenshots of FFXII looks really interesting too. Oh well.

To fill this this gap, I've decided to collect comics instead. It's a hell lot cheaper (one good PS2 game, which is roughly $60 CAD, can get me about 12 issues of a comic series). I'm currently trying to collect the Teen Titan, the third series, but I have A LOT of back issue collecting ahead of me. And not to mention of what the cost of getting the first issue might get up to. But so far I have 4 issues, so thats 4 out of 25 back issues that I have to collect. I hope I don't have to resort to online purchasing, for I don't have a credit card, so I'm gonna have to beg my sister to get them for me.

On another note, my brother's girlfriend came for a visit from Vancouver, and holy crap she brought me a crapload of Naruto figurines. Apparently her mother likes to collect these trinkets (how freakin' cool is that? I wish my mom would do something cool like that...) and she got me 2 complete sets from Hong Kong I think. The one I personally like the best is the one that are busts of the characters, because if you remove the stand on the bottom, it reveals a stamp! Whee! Fun making Sharingan markings on my notebooks this coming school year!!

So finally its August, which means in 4 days, I'll complete my 17th revolution around the Sun (don't ask, I got this from the Bill Nye website.). Whoop-a-dee-do-dah... Such a pity time passes so unnoticable fast when you're having fun. I wish I could turn back time and relive my childhood. So let this be a warning to those that are still young. Enjoy your childhood while you still can. Make the most of it. Slow down and take the time to do things that you enjoy. Cuz before you know it, you'll be thrown into the mortal hell known as adulthood/reality.

Which brings me to my recent saying, "Imagination is man's greatest gift, breaking the bonds that chains us to the harshness of reality." Never have I appreciated my sence of imagination as much as I do now.

Well that's all for this update. Hope you all have a nice summer!

PS. And just for fun, here's an interesting picture of Wonder Girl/Cassie Sandmark.
A digital cookie goes to anyone that can figure out what's wrong with the picture.
~HINT: She looks like she has something she or any other female should not have.~

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

   Summer boredom...
Ho hum... soo bored... So bored to the point that I actually give life a serious deep thinking...

Anyways, if any of you guys play Guild Wars, message me here, or add me to your ingame friend list. My main character's name is "Sturm Castor".

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