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well i'm darkness godess also known as Darkness. i'm and anime lover as everyone on this site nothing really special about me

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

i havent been on here for a while... but probably wont be on for a while again cause i started school, i'm tired as hell since they're still working on the house till late at night, my great grandma is in the hospital, my aunt has a cancer, and another one is in the hospital almost dead sure she'S getting a bit better but she'll die soon enough she's been in the hospital for at least 3 months maybe more she's almost completly paralised and cant eat or drink on her own and when she can eat something its only somekind of pudding or whatever they call that at the hospital so yeah wont be on here often... well i better be off and go get some sleep while i can cause i'm sick and need sleep but its hard to get with people working on the house all the time so yeah later all
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

so i remembered after a not so long time but since i'm not in the best mood probably wont be too long... me and my father are getting into fights again so yeah not the best mood and since we're working on the house theres even more yelling cause every ones tired and stressed out cause the damn guys dont seem to have a calendar and are a week late on everything cause of only one of them... i wouldnt exaclty give him all the money hes supsoed to have cause of that but doesnt look like my parents are gonna go anything about it ah well its they're money so whatever... i'm going off again for a 3 hours drive cause my mom has an appointment with some doc in a hospital 3 hours away -.-' theres hospital 15 mins away but no theres only that kinda doc over there.. anyay i get to go to the shops over there so its not so bad hopefully class will start soon... never thought i'd be saying this but the teachers are always better than my dad and well my mom works at my school now so i'll get to have the car after my 16th b-day which is in January... okay so i got nothing else to say... if you have anything to say feel free to use the comment thingy and leave a comment its always fun to read or you can do like some of you already do and send pm i'll answer on those or you can ask for my email anyway i'll come back someday (hopefully that day will be soon) oh and also i'm sorry for not going to your sites alot guys but yeah i dont come here alot anymore until my mind decides to work again buh-bye everyone
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Monday, August 14, 2006

i'm back!... again...
yes yes i know i keep saying i'll come more often each time i come back here and i never do -.-' well i'm here right now hopefully i'll remember to come more often heh... now whats new with me hmm well we're working on the house (i'll finally have my own room and wont be stuck with my sister!) theres no power or running water... how am i on the comp you ask well i'm stealing power from the guy next door so i can be on my precious computer! my sister is gone to some summer camp for the week and my bf left to go see his friends and family far away from me so yeah boredom is killing me and i havent gotten any news from him ever since he left on the 7th he's suposed to come back in about a week now... oh there was my godfather's wedding.. pretty boring i didnt know lots of people from the family so yeah the only good thing is i can finally get along with my cousins hopefully my godfather will have a boy whenever he has kids cause we're only girls hehe well nothing else to say right now i got some letter from an art school in the US with an art test in it that i can take and have a chance to be accepted in there so maybe i'll go try that or something to kill boredom anyway i'll try to remember to come back soon
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