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Hello my name is Anthony. I guess I should tell you alittle bit about me. I have been an anime fan for 4 years. I am a Satanist. I am in love with all things Occult, (if you have a problem with this, why are you reading it?). I like reading, running, girls, guys, yuri, yaoi(Im bisexual), hentai, magic, the occult, watching anime, martial arts, eastern medicine, qigong, metal(all kinds), alternative, friendship and gaming(specifically Final Fantasy). I hate ignorance, my enemies, murderers, homophobes, poachers, children shows, child molesters, and hipocrits.
I love my friends, I have not heard from one for too long, I came here searching for her. I love you Inuyashas_Chick! I wish you could see this!
I before I go, I would like to clear up a few things:
Satanists don't worship the Judeo-Christian Devil, in fact we don't even believe he exists normally, Satan is a word that means 'opposer' and represents 9 things(read the 9 Satanic Statements). We worship ourselves.
Satanist don't sacrafice children and animals.
Satanists are not full of hate, we recognize it as a natural emotion though.
We are not killers or rapists.
Aside I am a very easy person to get along with, especially if have a good sense of humour, or share some interests.