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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

   yeah, it's been about a month....
nope, I did not fall off the face of the earth, but I came terrifyingly close. you see, it all started on january 27th, when I decided to go on a walk outside (yes the strange and frighteningly bright place I never visit) well, I just walked and walked, and sunddenly found myself surrounded by the wilderness, and was taken in by a pack of wolves who raised me as thier own.....ok, no not really, but it is a story worthy of Hatsuharu, no? Actually, I've been far too busy to update (I tried at school, but this site is now being webblocked...probably my fault ^^;) lets see I had two art contests, one I'm a finalist in, (yes I draw other things besides anime, feel free to gasp) the other...well I still haven't finished that picture...my art teacher's gonna wring my neck when she finds out...*gulp*....but anyways, I also got a job at Sonic (it's a fast-food place for those of you in Canada, the UK or secluded places of the US) , thanks to my mom, who's a manager there, and I'm now a carhop! woot! I can spend all my money on otaku crazed shopping sprees, buying games, manga, anime, posters, plushies, pins, soundtracks, etc, etc......
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