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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Yes I'm bored...and can't think of anything to draw. So I've decided to take drawing requests...
Try to keep it to my favorate anime and games, although if you REALLY want a picture from something thats not listed here just PM me and I'll tell you if I'll draw it. (oh, and Loveless, Chobits, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XI, Chibi Vampire, and Final Fantasy IX are not there, but they are some of my other faves ^^)
Oh and I will draw yaoi (I don't do yuri, sorry) , but nothing hardcore, or theO won't accept it!

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Friday, August 3, 2007

   wow so another year has passed....
Time for my annual update! woot! XD
NO, I'm kidding I'm coming back for real this time, and I'll be updating weekly at the very least. now...*blows dust off of her site* I guess I should fix this place up...what a mess! all the pictures have turned in to boxes with X's on them! D= It needs better music too. ^^; I think I'll keep my avatar though, it still looks good.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

   Oh wow, I forgot I had this site....
woops...eheh...anyways, I'll try to update more...It's not really school so much as laziness, really, that and I'm kinda addicted to gaiaonline....but I submitted some more art, and I hopefully won't leave this time...eheh...
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