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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

   long time no see...er...post
^-^; yeah i did go to onicon...it was fun, especially having people go "omg it's kairi!" to me every five seconds, lol! I took pics...but I haven't gotten them developed yet...I'm a procrastinator, lol, and I've been too busy working on school work that I let pile up around me to post...I wonder, does that make me lazy?
I bought some stuff....a lot of little chibi anime pins, a kingdom hearts 2 poster to go with my chain of memories one, a fullmetal alchemist shirt, and a import copy of advent children...(OMG, I love that movie!) I also entered the cosplay contest....I didn't win of course, but while we were waiting in line I managed to get about 20 people to sing "99 bottles of sake` on the wall" lol, then we sang the sailor moon theme song....REALLY LOUDLY lol, cause' that seemed to be the only anime song everyone knew...of course there were some college kids there looking at us funny...so we stopped after a while....^-^;
I wonder if we seemed random, lol?
There were a ton of Clouds (FFVII, not the fluffy cotton candy stuff in the sky) there! like seven or eight of them! But only two squalls...*sniffle* oh, and one of my friends and I glomped a naruto cosplayer....that was fun too, lol.
Then on the way home...my friends....decided....that at the next con...I'm cosplaying as naruto...I'm thinking about telling them "how bout' kakashi instead?" I mean...I'm not exactly thrilled about going as a guy...but if i have to go as one, it should at least be a tall one. I'm too tall to be naruto...
I just wanna find a guy cosplaying as reno or squall that I can drag around the whole time, lol
I think I typed a little much....ttyls!

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