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Monday, January 1, 2007

   Homg!! There's actually snow on the ground!
Happy New Year's Day everyone~~!!! I'm here, at home, b/c...I wanna be X} But wow, yeah, my parents were like, in bed before the new year even started! What kill joys __ I'm planning on staying up extra late...or early! Heh, bet my siblings are gonna have hangovers tho :P

2006 was a pretty good year for me, except with all that cancer stuffus having to do with my mom, and I hope you guys had a good 2006 too! If you didn't, I hope that 2007 will be a whole lot more better!

I had a great time with my relatives the other day. They left yesterday (Sunday) morning. And they got of real taste of just how Grandma E. acts/thinks @__@;;; My mom had called gram, asking if she was going to church, and gram said that she wasn't, so then we weren't going to go either, since we had the company and all. 10:30 AM rolls around and then there's a call...from the church...yup, grandma musta forgotten what she said or something, b/c she was at church wondering where everyone was. So then she wanted to be picked up so she could visit before the relatives left.

...That's Grandma E. for ya! My dad is really getting annoyed with her ^^;;; Sadly, I can't blame him *feels slightly ashamed*

Soooo, again! Happy New Years Day!! *hugs* Take care and be safe during this new year! :3


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