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Saturday, March 31, 2007

   A MyOtaku Post, by moi, Darkhuntress
Wahhh~~~ Guh, sorry that I haven't made it to sites in a few days. It's one of the busy times of year with school and all. Our music (band and choir) Contest is on the 13th, and it's just practice, practice, practice!! (along with homework, homework, homework! >:E)

So I hope you all have been doing alright TwT

Heh, I won't be around today, Imma going shopping with muh mum and sister, and we'll prolly be spending the night at my sister's place. My sister's going through a rough time sorta. She and her boyfriend of about 2 years got in a fight and broke up. So she's not feeling the greatest...so a-shopping we will go! It's a girl's day out! w00t! I'm excited, haven't been shopping in a good while xD

Ohhh~~ I may be getting colored contacts! I'd be paying for 'em, but I have some demos of different colors, and as of right now I'm leaning towards the Caribbean Aqua color ^^ But dang, those things are EXPENSIVE!! O___o;;;; My regular contacts are $25 a box, and colored contacts are $40 a box! So a box for each eye comes to $80.

.______. Cha.

My schedule for school next year has come out. I just hope they don't end up changing it, b/c I actually like it x3 Here's how it would go:

1st hour: US History (BORING!! D:)
2nd hour: English 11 (omg, 2 boring classes in a row, the class won't survive!)
3rd hour: Chemistry
4th hour: Band/Choir
5th hour: Lunch
6th hour: Advanced Math
7th hour: Work in music room as choir teacher's aid person :P
8th hour: Anatomy

I'm actually a little excited for next year. Only b/c I might have Anatomy 83 I've wanted to take that class for a long time!

Welp, I think that's all for now. I'm gonna go watch Jay Leno with my mom ^w^ I'll see you guys later! Lubbs you all, I'm so appreciative of you guys, seriously, you all rock! ;w; *supermonsterglomps*


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