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Saturday, March 3, 2007

   Gimme :D

I feel insane!!! :BBB

*cough* Er, I mean, how is everyone? I'm doing good, almost over my cold! All I have is this annoying runny/stuffy nose ^^ Didn't have school Thursday OR Friday either! w00t! So glad because we were suppose to have a Biology test Thursday, and I was NOT ready for it ^^;

Lyke, holy mother of Ra we got quite the snow storm! The amount of snow is almost ridiculous. I'll have to take some pics so I can show you guys! There's snow piled up on our back porch that practically reaches my hips! xD

And guess what?! Today (Saturday) I'm going up to Fargo and my sister is taking me to the Spill Canvas concert!! Heh, don't worry I'd be uber surprised if any of you guys have heard of 'em x3 I'll more than likely spend the night at her place, so I won't be around, unless it snows even more and the roads get so bad I can't go. Kyah~~ But I'm excited!!

I also have a new anime to obsess over ♥w♥ Chrno Crusade! Omg that anime was so GOOD! The end had me blubbering like a baby though :/ It's only 24 episodes, but still, I watched it all in a DAY! *laughs insanely* Yes yes, I have no life and I'm fine with that if it means I can watch anime all day long!

Chrno is really sexy in demon form ♥♥♥

Hoooim, I do believe I've run out of things to say. Well, besides thank you and I love you all who take the time to visit my site and leave comments and stuff!! *glomp-hugs everyone* But now I am very tired (yet still feel a bit crazy) and sleep sounds oh so very wonderful, almost godly. So I bid you all a great weekend and take care! ^^


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