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~*Hey People, DarkHeart Here.
Welcome to My Site.
I'm Michelle! So, you can call me either one^_^
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Well, I can't live without any kind of music at all. It's my main obsession. =] But besides that, I like a lot of other stuff such as...
Skating, Singing, dancing {especially in the rain}, Hangin w/friends, Swimming, Daydreaming, reg. dreaming, space, ANIMALS, magic+alot of other stuff.
My Dream: --->
To be either a Teacher or a ROCKSTAR.
More About Me: --->
I love writing poems, songs, stories, and roleplays.
I'm a vegetarian, and of course I absolutely love animals&nature. I'm the only veggy in my family. I'm a majorly huge TREE HUGGER! SAVE WORLD WILDLIFE!!! woo.!.!.!
Not much more to tell. But, there's a lot of other stuff about me.
So...yeah, Anyways, If yah have any questions or something then feel free to PM me anytime. Also before you leave make sure you remember to sign my g-book.

-//Chow*&many more ^.^

Friday, February 15, 2008

I've Moved On
Sometimes I miss your warm touch
Sometimes I miss your gentle huggs
Sometimes I miss your sweet kisses
But now, I've moved on
& I'm farther than you've ever gone
Although you still remind me of a song I used to love
& it's only then that I remember you
I know now you were only a perfect dream in my mind
& I dind't see you for who you are
Just what I wanted to see
I don't regret the mistake of you
because I made the mistake of believing myself
Everyone already knows I'm lost
& they all know I have always been
They all know I'm just looking for that special guy
To save me from everything
Especially myself

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Sent Away
The very last day I was with you
You sent me on my way
To a more far away place than here
You took my heart, && tore it apart
Now, it'll never be the same

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My world is all in a mess
because i'm lost in a bunch of distress

Only cuz I thought it was true
& I thought there was me && you

It's so hard to stay strong
When nothing is right
&& everything is wrong

But, I can't give in
At least not again

Gonna' make everything right
Can't lose hope
I'm just gonna fight

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The Angel I See
There is an Angel I see
Above the clouds, his wings are spread
Holding My heart indeed
Yellow with fear
Red with blood
&& green with envy in thought
There I see my soul
Waiting for me
Flying && Gliding across the surface of town
Through the shadows, && between the allies
Forever lost yet again
The dark is going
The Light is coming
Saved is my angel && me

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Meet Your Meat

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mar's Candy Kills

Learn more at MarsCandyKills.com.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hey people,
It's finally a new year...

Cuz' I just can't wait to see what's in store for me.

Well, Anyways, I hope everyone has ROCKIN' New Year, too.
I'm gonna' try to have tons of fun!


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