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Arcana: Innocent Child
Wow! It has been a long time since I was here and I definitly need to write soemthing new!

Okay! My nickname is Caiel or Dark(mainly Dark).
You can see rest of my profile at theOtaku 'darKatana's World'
cuz' I don't wanna write it all over again!! And it's better graphic, background and so on there.
Unlike here, but I don't know how to make it great like everyone elses sites!!
I tried with the background, but it won't sho up!!
Friking annoying s***!

For the time being I'm working on Akatsuki Rumble and my fanfic. The manga is GOING somewhere, but my fanfic is stuck. Somebody help me!!!
And I watch series like NCIS, ABC Extrem Home Makeover, Simpson, Family Guy and much more.

I want to see Twillight, The Perfume, Friday the 13th, True Blood and much more!!

Please PM to teach me about how I make this site good!

It was no coincidence by choosing you
It was fate not out of the blue
You were given a great power
You are one of us, but still youíre not
We canít keep you, we canít hold you back
But we can defend you, we can attack
Even if you bear the blood inside
You are free, you are strong
There is nothing wrong
Being who you are
A daughter of a dragon