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THE GIRL 19 years old. female. english and damn proud. self confessed yaoi addict. car manic. photoshop slut. tomboy till death. swears like theres no tomorrow. likes drum n bass - and does not care what you think of it. goes clubbing to get drunk and dance loads. has a strange sense of humor. can sometimes be rather aggressive without realising.

ANIME/MANGA trigun. outlaw star. kenshin. full metal alchemist. dogs. d-gray man. saiyuki. chobits. naruto. alchino. ergo proxy. air gear. angel sanctuary. elfen lied. serial experiments lain. azumanga daioh. air TV. studio ghilbi movies. akira. bobobobo. sukisyo. gravitation. yugioh.

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GRAPHICS i make tons of different graphics on photoshop 7, from wallpapers to headers and icons. i will gladly attempt to help you if you give me enough information on what you want help with. i have also recently started to colour manga, and will gladly colour anything you have to throw at me provided the image is nice and clean =) examples of my work can be found here and here.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

meme from lj
I've been playing FF8 again =P And damn it's addictive! I've barely come on the computer at all lol! Anyway, meme from LJ. Random question time!

1. What did you dream of becoming when you were little (like idk, 5 or something)?
When i was 5? Haha, it was to become a professional woman footballer ^_^; (told ya i was tomboy) Around that age that's all i done, was play football, both in school (i would constantly bug the boys to let me play) and out of school =P

2. How many children would you like (and how many girls and how many boys~? elaborate~~)
2 at most! My nan had 5 kids, my mum had 5 kids, i could not deal with that many children! So a nice small number like 1 or 2 lol. One boy one girl perferably, but i've never really thought that deeply into it.

3. What's the first manga you ever read?
Chobits =) I went into Forbidden Planet and this is the one that had most volumes (i would hate to start a manga i knew i couldn't finish ><;). Plus i had heard tons about it. And i even got my sister to read it =D

4. Name the physical feature you have that you love best?
Either my eyes or my smile. I get told constantly i have a wonderful smile =3 And i like my eyes cos they change colour quite dramatically depending on the lightness/darkness outside *has blue eyes*.

5. One nickname someone gave you that you disliked?
Jose -_-; My name is Josie, so someone come up with the smart idea to start calling me Jose - which is a guys name! ARGH! And unfortuantely everyone loved the fact that i hated it and constantly now call me it, so i've kinda got to live with it. Blargh.

If you comment with the words 'Interview Me' i will PM you with 5 random questions, and the answers you most put in your next post =)

EDIT: This is guna be my new header for my site ^^ What do ya think {coloured by yours truly}

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