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Hello everyone! Welcome to my site1 Enjoy your stay and on the way out, feel free to sign my GB and add me as a friend! I love Dark Mousy from DNANGEL!!
Dark: Hello everyone! It's me Dark and I'd like you all to know that she is Crazy!
Flame: *glare* I'll get you....
Dark: ^_^ gotta run *start running*
Flame: Remember Dark is Mine!
Dark: It's actually their choice!
Flame: Shut up...

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Friday, June 30, 2006

   Back finally!
Well I'm finally back didja miss me? =D Hehehe I hope no one is mad at me, I just had a gb signing that was very mean and upsetting to me... Because I love Dark >-<

Dark: *pats back* It's okay..

Flame: Yeah *sighs* I just didn't think anyone would get mad at me for having you around...

Well I'm glad to be back! I've just been busy.. and Grounded.. Hahaa Well gotta go cya guys around!

Dark: Bye yall!

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