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Hey. ..Welcome to my site..Inuyasha is my favorite show. and my fav charatcer is Kikyou.. Plz don't bug me how i spell her name..

Japanese Version: Kikyou
English Version: Kikyo

okay?...sometimes i kinda act like kikyou. Just quiet and alone..deep in thoughts..anyway. plz enjoy my otaku thingy...

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My site needs a little work. i'll wok on it l8ter. bye..

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Hey u guys I'm soo terribly sorry. i hope you can forgive me. I havn't been on and i'm really sorry. my mom has been bitching about me on the computer, so i havn't gotten a chance to get on in a long while, and plus, school started Monday and i've been soo tried from school and stuff. they havn't given out homework YET, but it's still tiring. i'm really sorry.

So how is everyone doing?
I'm fine i guess
ttyl my friends

//Dark Kikyou//

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