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These defening thought of destruction...
...Can't be drowned out

No one can draw a clear line between sane and insane. You move that line as you see fit for yourself. No one else can. You'll understand soon... the one that's insane is this world. -- Vincent

Hullo everyone, Name's Laur you can call me Shorty. Welcome to my realm of hell. Come in enjoy, leave comments, and sign my GuestBook, or not. I have no lil rules on this site so say w.e you want.

Fucking kill yourself and get it done with.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

hey hey
hey everyone, yea I hanv'y been on here ina lil while. things have calmed down alot. I'm in NC now seriously thinking about staying here for the remander of my high school life. it's nice here I forgot how nice it is.. but i'll miss some people but we would have had to leave eachother sooner or later, this would just be sooner ya know? but yea I got somethings resolved with elijah and his family. well okay.. just elijah, his family still loaths the ground I walk on but yea, he came up here to spend the week with me. this past week with him has went so fast, it's went way to fast. i forgot how it felt to be around him... i love him hes one of the best guys i'll ever run across.... but yea.. I will talk to you lata people.
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Friday, June 23, 2006

hope you have a nice summer...
Hey.... what's going on?

Well it's summer, what a summer this turned out to be... It was supposed to be fun and all, we were moving to SC and I was going to VISIT dad, and my brother in texas, bf in Floida..... everythings gone to shit and I don't know where to turn. me and mom got into a huge fight cause she keeps lying to me and all... I told her I was moving in with dad... perminently. she stormed out to another town! i called dad, and he's very serious about this... and he should be this is a very serious matter. this could and will change me whole life as it is.... and I donno how to handle it all... I don't want to leave with mom mad at you you know? it's like something could happen and i would be the one standing there like.. she died mad at ME you know? I couldn't live with that.... she told me last night basicly she was going to cut me out of her life completely.... i don't know... im soooo lost. i don't know what to do.... i mean.. gah... i'm just so hurt.... i want to tell dad.. maybe i was to rash... maybe.. we should slow with way down.. you know like baby step my way into his house rather than take a leap of faith ya know? I donno... it's getting later and the longer I talk the more likely he's going to call the courts... so i have to talk to him before that.... i should go.... ttyl

"If only it were raining... and this could be a movie... inspiring everbody... with a happy ending... But this isn't a movie... there's no happy ending... tomorrow they'll be alone... wondering where they went wrong..."

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

hush listen to the whispers
So I'll write to you again
Of a star crossed love story.
Never even started when she lost hope.
He said all the right things
Trying to help her through
But theres something keeping her from fully loving him
And she's dying
Can't say anything
He makes her weak, She wants to beak.
She wants to talk her heart out.
But where to turn for a helping hand
A caring ear
What of her best friends?
They won't listen to her story.
No, they don't care.
Full of I told you so's
Things she doesn't need to hear
So She'll sit in the darkness of silence
Untill he asks her whats wrong dear?
But even then, the tone in his voice
The caring warming embrace of the sound
Will make her say nothing.
Forgetting all that was troubling her
Until the empty feeling of his love comes back
And he'll go on thinking she's fine and everything is wonderful
He thinks he has a treasure.
Fools gold.
But she'll just sit there,
staring out the window
Hopeing someday she'll have the strength to say
what has been eatings at her all this time.
Feeling more empty with everytime he says he loves her.
She's loosing herself.
What a love that brought her to her own distruction.

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