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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 08/07/04:
See i told you people i was insane.

You represent... insanity.
You represent... insanity. You're quite a quirky little creature. You're
emotions are varying. You may appear childish
and innocent, but you have a tendency to freak
out. You're incredibly random, but it's good
to be unique. People know you're an odd one,
but you certainly don't mind.

What feeling do you represent?
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Result Posted on 08/07/04:

The Dreamer Escapes from society into a daydream where beauty
and adventure are all at her fingertips. She
still seeks to find aspects of her imagined
world in the real one, childlike almost in her
perspective, naive at times but genius at
others, a thirst for new ideas, new
information, new places all in the hope to find
what she longs for, but as of yet can only find
in her dreams...

A unique perspective on one's inner self: who are you?
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Result Posted on 08/07/04:

Innocence. Like a child, you seem to think of
things with more a curious look then an
explanative. The answers aren't important to
you all the time, sometimes it's just enjoying
the questions and finding new ones. When the
end came, you survived through the simple means
of not being in the wrong place, or, following
a butterfly away from the blast zone. Meeks...
damn you all.

How would you survive the end of the world?
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Result Posted on 08/07/04:
Oh yea i'm totaly wierd and i love it.i don't care what any of you people think i'd rather be wierd then normal.

Result Posted on 08/06/04:
chases husband while saying the name "Humperdink"just to annoy him*I LOVE THIS MOVIE*

Result Posted on 08/06/04:
i didn't really get this one it's just wesley is so freakin' hot*drool*"as you wish"

Result Posted on 08/06/04:

Your H.I.D.D.E.N Emotion. You have the hidden
emotion meaning your hiding your feeling from
the world. You look normal, you act normal.
People see you as a happy person. When inside
your suffering of depression. You hide this
feeling because you don't want your
family,friends to worry about you.Like me ,I
hide my feeling of sad,lonely and

what's your level in emotion? UPDATED agin!!!,GREAT PICS
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Result Posted on 08/06/04:

You're From Venus
You're From Venus. This means that you are bound
to be talented in some form of art and a very
loving, beautiful person.

What Planet are You From?
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Result Posted on 08/06/04:

A dream... you are sensitive, shy, and can become
attached to others when they get to know you.
Perhaps you should try making new friends, or
joining a club. After all, you can't live life

~ What Location Represents You? (cool pics)~
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Result Posted on 08/05/04:

Take the quiz: "Serial Killer Quiz"

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
you kill assholes; lots of assholes! HOORAY for You!!!!

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