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Leave me in the darkened shadows,
Where my tear drops go unseen.
Such a coal stained world,
For a girl only fourteen.

Let my scars go unnoticed,
Toward the delicate of eyes.
Let nobody see these tears,
That fall behind my disguise.

Watch my screams become captured,
With the wind as it blows.
Watch the leaves scatter around,
Hear these thoughts no one knows.

Cradle my legs between my arms,
Scar chains bind them tight.
No one knew this angel fell,
And fought each every night.

A lost soul abandoned in the cold,
Nowhere to turn to, no place to go.
A broken heart shattered to pieces,
She hurt more than you could know.

A smile stitched upon a pearly face,
Broken seams trail down her arm.
Black wings so torn, so tattered,
I am the angel of self harm.

Her soul is lost, so confused,
Empty thoughts control her mind.
Searching for some happiness,
But looking with eyes so blind.

Lead me to the darkness please,
The only place that I call home.
Take me there, and walk away,
So I can sit quietly on my own.

Look at the ruin of a fallen angel,
Watch the teardrops trickle down.
Turn your back and then walk away,
Make sure you make not one sound.

Ignore the silent screams you hear,
Sigh as you watch her eyes close.
Turn away and she'll do the same,
Merging into the dark shadows.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hear my Last Scream...
Itís been raining in my heart
For what seems like years
And Iíve invented different ways
To cry all of my tears
My body is full of decorations
Carved by my own knife
My mind is destroyed by attempts
Of trying to take my own life

Nobody can help me
Because nobody knows my pain
I smile and say Iím fine
When inside Iíve turned insane
This has taken me too far
And I need to be free
If you could read my thoughts
So much more would you see

Such as images of my past
Haunting my every breath
Not letting me rest
Until I reach my painful death
Such as voices saying Iím fat
And I donít deserve to eat
Fighting a constant battle with anorexia
That I know I cannot defeat

And little do you know
Yesterday was the last time we wouldíve met
And in a couple of days
Me you will forget
Tonight as I take my rope
And tie it around my neck so tight
Iíll say a little prayer for you
And my last screams will drown into the night.

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