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Hey you have reached the passage into the underworld. Stay as long as you would like and roam around like usual. Out of the boredom of my heart I will tell you a little about me.

My name is Mandy, often called chipmunk or hippo. I have a dog and lots of fish. I enjoy the outdoors and cheese.(Who doesn't like cheese?) I am currently unemployed and have 3 brothers. I like to draw and do artsy things. I hate liver and anything that has to do with feet; I think they are ugly. I am in school which all the teenage drama sucks the life out of me, I am sure all of you know that feeling lol.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

   Wut up yo!
Yeah it's been forever. Where have I been? No where really but here's what's been up...

Yeah well I moved like two blocks. What fun eh? I love moving stuff that you will never use agian.

Refurbished the house and looks better now. Although still haven't done downstairs. Oh well. Atleast I have a finished downstairs now.

Well school started, the group was quieter. Guess my bad luck, well I fucked over a few times and now I have been a bit of the fifth weel compared to before. My fault I guess.

Well got into a bad relationship, wasn't even one I guess. One of those 'friends with benefits' where you know that it's not going to go anywhere but you want more than you have at the moment.

So stupid to miss all the people around me who were telling me it was a dumb idea. Guess you have to learn by yourself. That's the only way anyone does really.

Did one of those 'do you still love me?' things that every guy hates and every chick doesn't realise. If only guys talked. Never realised how much communication can help.

Well finally give this guy a chance. yeah that means I am taken, well I have been for a month now. Thank god I did. I guess the best things in life are unexpected. so many people told me it was a bad idea. I say kudos to him for keeping up with asking me out for like half a year. Persistant some people are lol.

Guess things have never been better (?). Then agian, You have to wiegh the pros with the cons, usually meaning that you aren't going to get a conclusion. Things have thier ups and downs, now I guess I have some one to share that with.

Makes it hard when your friends don't like it when your boyfriend holds you. What is he supposed to do? sit across the room from you? that's gay. Ignorant from not having thier own bf/gf I guess.

Mm, I have never been so tired in my life. Who ever said it was a good idea to stay on the phone until 12 was wrong. Did I mention I had to wake up super early in the morning?

Drugs, good, bad or just something to do? really have no idea but they are everywhere it seems. Kind of fear for some who want to try everything. Experimentation, well apparently we all get curious.

true in my case.

School I am one of those over adcheivers who get 80s and 90s and shit like that. yeah, bad spelling, who would figure lol. Anyways, marks have reeeaally dropped this semester and I know I am going to fail a course. What the hell am I supposed to tell burdening parents?

Meh, sometimes i just don't care. Although deep down..you know, get's to you.

Have to work on a few things, question is, where to start??

Really hope my ableness to become an art teacher works out. Don't know what I will do if that doesn't work out.

Guess we will see.

till then...

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

   hey guys!!
well things have had their ups and downs so far

tomorrow I am going to be packing like mad aswell as all next week. We are moving in a few days after doing a few renovations to the house. I'm excited!!

School has been pretty bland, that's how it always have been.

I think I am just going to leave this account... I am never on it...

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

   It's been awhile
Wow, I just remembered I had this thing.. lol I am so used to going onto LJ now^^.

Well here's what's been going on lately...

Well my friends and I have gotten closer than ever which is good and makes me happy. Unfortunatly one of my bestfriends moved down to the states and has been kinda depressed and despirate to get accepted. He's changed a hell of a lot and all we do now is fight or small talk which is really quite sad.

A few of my friends and I are planning to get together which is good, maybe go to a concert or two, depends how well my parent's hold up. They can still be quite annoying.

I find everyone at school incredibly annoying now, all my old friends I still try to nice to but some how I end up being an ass. Woop go me.

One of my friends birthday's is coming up around mine so we are going to merge our party before/after she comes back from the states. I got her timon and pumbaa fruitsnacks, she's quite the fanatic about timon lol so I know she is going to love them. I am also getting her the producers DVD which she has been wanting too. Lol I like how my friends and I get eachother crazy gifts that don't cost alot like we are getting one of my best friends depends. Lmao I don't he could ever use them, well maybe when the super bowl is on but Sharron and I find it halarious and can't wait to get him that. I am afriad what I might get for my birthday lol. I am turning my sweet sixteen, woot.

moving to a new house in may. We are downsizing but we are only moving a block lol. We are getting a nice house but there is a lot of fixing up to do and I might get a phone in my room^^. I can't wait to move only 60 some days. ^^

Planning to finish my resume which I have been putting off for the longest time aswell as some cleaning around the house.

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