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Monday, January 12, 2009

   My Wog Day Part 1
Thanks for the comments guys, you know who you are, my loyal subjects, if Kernville was actually a kingdom, I would give you all a title like duke or something like that.

But here is what happened around five tonight. We have a 1MC, it's how words get passed around the ship like an intercom. Well usualy when an officer of a high status comes onboard, we ring him on with four bells, or rear admiral gets six. Then following the bells we get a title of the big wig. So for example, whenever my captain come onboard, you hear four bells and then "Okane, Arriving." Well out of nowhere over the 1MC, four bells rang out and then "Davey Jones, Arriving." I said what the hell. All the sudden I hear a scotish type accent saying "You have ventured into the teratory of King Neptune, what ship is this?" Then our Captain almost in fear cries out "The is the ship known as The Okane." Then Mr. Jones replies "I come with news from my lord, this ship is being summoned to Laditude 0 by King Neptune, to wash off all the slimey Polly Wogs onboard."
"Ohh please have mercy on my crew Mr. Jones, my awesome crew, and please be especialy mericiful to my executive officer and YNC."
"None shall be sparred come morning, morrow will be a day to remember."
The four bells rang again and "Davey Jones, departing" came over again.

So by now you are wondering what is going on right? Tomorrow is the Crossing The Line ceremony. An unofficial Navy tradition when a ship crosses the Equator. All the crew who has crossed the line before has been recognized by King Neptune and his loyal subjects as worthy and gains the title of Shellback. All those who have not are known as dirty, slimey Polly Wogs or Wogs for short. So it is now our turn to prove ourselves to the lords of seven seas that we are worthy of being in this secret society of sailors and salts. King Neptune, Davey Jones, and the Shellbacks get to harras us until we're crying for it to end or until we make it to the finish and become honorary shellbacks as well. So I have no idea what to expect but it makes me appreciate the Navy that much more.

So this is part one, tomorrow I hope to have part two of what happens next. So far my group of three guys, Me, Aaron, and Ben are going to face the trials ahead to prove we're fit to sail the seas and make ourselves worth something to King Neptunes. Our group, Boys In The Closet, won't fail, prepare to see a new face in the Shellback club!

Tomorrow, I make the Sea my bitch!!! ~_^

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