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Sunday, January 11, 2009

   The Man of Many Quotes
Thanks for the comments Kelsey and Sinny, I look foreward to reading my comments everyday and you two are my biggest fans, gracias! Day Nada! And hello to my newest friends, welcome to the lair!

So here is a question fellow Otakus, Is it bad to be able to quote a lot of things or to use quotes in everyday situations? I spoke with an Ex-girlfriend which is a treat all it's own, not, and she said that I quote too much. While I agree that I do quote a lot, I see it as being cultured and knowing a lot, almost like a different kind of wisdom. But she put it as being unoriginal and lame. But how?

For one, when I describe my relationship with her in the past, I quote John Mayer's song Split-Screen Sadness, "All you need is love is a lie because we had love and we still said goodbye." Great quote, she hates it. Then whenever I buy things online, like I am going to talk about again in a few minuetes, I quote John Mayer (again) singing Something's Missing, "How come everything I think I need always comes with batteries, what do you think it means?" Is this a problem or do I seem intellegent? BTW, I don't always just quote Mr. Mayer, but his examples are the freshest ones.

Now onto my latest purchase. Again, that same bomb ass site that I got all the Magic The Gathering stuff, well I explored it even further. Not only do they have other card games I like, they also had bored games I enjoy like Axis and Alies and Munchikin. Well then I realized I have played DnD but never led the games. So I decided to order the core books, a DnD for dummies book, new dice (3 sets), a dark blue bag to keep them in, character sheets, grids to play on, and a thing to hide my DM stuff all for about 100 bucks. SO AWESOME, although it's the new DnD, which I heard wasn't that great, I will just get good with this system and be the guy to run those types, no biggie. But I am stoked for it to get here.

Well that's about it, recap. Is quoting bad or good? My website of goodies is incredible to fuel my nerd needs. And yea! Well team, tomorrow's another day, keep on keeping on, never give up the fight. You all rule!

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