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Saturday, January 10, 2009

   More Then A Man, An Ideal...
So I'm watching the excellence that is Batman Begins, sadly I don't know if the Dark Knight is out or when it will be release since I am at sea, but there is a lot of inspiring things in there that make me want to become more then all this preach that I give over my posts. So here is what inspired me.

"If you make yourself more then a man. If you devote yourself to an ideal and if they can't stop you then you become something else entirely...A Legend..."

That is so awesome to me. I have an already furnished to code I live by, The Knight's Code, fortified by values like Courage, Honor, Justice, and Love, so why don't I stick true to them for now and always, not let anyone stop me, but as if I will let anyone try, and make myself known as what someone would consider a normal, run-of-the-mill guy into something more. Call me crazy and irresponsible but I can't be more motivated or determined to stay true to myself and maybe help others open there eyes to something like I believe. Maybe I am a little hopeful but I know I will never be forgotten, especialy by those who know me.

Well enough of that, I picked up Fable 2 in my off time and let me say, I was a huge fan of Fable one and being the good guy, but this game tops it over 24 times. You can pick your outfit, dye it to your liking, have guns, have your dog help you offend people or pick up chicks (or dudes if you roll that way in the game as a guy or a guy hero), get jobs to help make gold, and become a saint or a demon in the process. Incredible is all I have to say. My guy looks like a noble from the 1800's with a long sword hanging from his back and a matchlock pistol he mainly uses to fight, this masked crusader know as Desperado and his trust canine companion Roofus fight crime with Hobbes, Bandits, and Beatles, to protect the citizens of Albion. Pretty sad I am already that into this game after two nights, but what are you gunna do right, I think its a reflection of my inner self. Go me!

Last but not least, two additional packages on the way. With the extra mula I made while over in the Arabian Gulf, which sucks, I ordered from one site two Magic The Gathering Boster Boxes, one of Eventide and the other is Shards of Alara. Then I got from an even cooler site 500 Basic Land Cards, 5 theme decks in a set, 5 rare 9 inch porcilen figures of MTG cards, 7 deck boxes, a bunch of D20's with a burgendy bag to keep them in, 3 life counters, a drawer set the houses 800 cards in each of 12 drawers, and a carrying case to keep the Magic rolling. And what did I pay for all of these tresures, no more then 150 bucks if you can believe that, I am a very froogle person when it comes to nerd items. I can't be coned because I shop around. And now I hope it gets to me before we hit home otherwise I might be screwed and not have all my decked out stuff.

So a recap, want to be a legend, I love Fable 2, and my Magic budget knows no limit, think I got it all. As always, keep reaching from the stars, they are always in your grasp, and be excellent to each other, party on guys!

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