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Thursday, January 8, 2009

   The Two Sides of the Same Coin
So I think somewhere along the line when I decided I would like to become a writer, I had a few themes that I wanted to convey with my articulate tallent. First off was love overcoming space and time, second was that everyone has another side to them, not nessasarily an evil side but another side all together. Like the shy guy rising up for what he believes, the lonely girl longing for to be longed for and desired. And you see this theme commonly in Anime like Yugi Motou and Yami Yugi, Kenshin Himoura and Hitokiri Batosai, Lelouch and Zero, but it doesn't have to be an extreme change like those.

So far I have had three people get mad because they say I have changed. And I have in my opinion, I've grown up and matured, not mature, but matured. I have stoped wasting time with things that stop me from being a good friend to others, or living my life for myself and not for other, by others standards or how society dictates you act to be accepted by others. And so I have made a couple people mad, and I was very kind in saying that I was sorry but I am not going to stop. It's like Batman, he can still be the hero but some people will see him as a villian, but he keeps on doing what he has to do to keep his vows to himself. I salute you Batman.

I guess in short terms, go for broke when it comes to you. Don't let anyone tell you no, reach for the sky, nothing is impossible, and courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality. Just remember you are still you, don't burn any bridges, but make sure they know you are crossing it and you can't be stoped. The world is always calling out to you to take the day and make it yours, will you answer that call. If so, I'll see you there.

On a lighter note, I got one package today, my camcorder and it is awesome and small, I feel like a spy or something. I can't wait to record drunk moments of laughter, those are some of my favorite memories, the jokes, the feel of the company, and of course to recap any embarrasing moments for future blackmail, mhu hahahahah!

I am finaly stepping up to fill my shoes and be a man and if they don't like the man I turned out to be, then you will get by without me. I have my family, my closest friends, my honor, my dignity, my pride, and Knight's Code. Maybe they need to find something to believe in instead of telling me how to live my life. I am 21 and the sky is at my fingertips.

Well woot-dee-do, this was a long, important, one, sometimes you gotta just vent, and so I will. I hope all of you heed something in the least from this and live life, just live for everything about it, and make it yours. Break out and let that other side of you take over, it's going to be awesome, I promise. I'm Audi 5000!

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