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Saturday, December 20, 2008

   Damn Internet!!!!!
So I totaly wrote whole fricken rant that took me about 30 minuetes to type out and then it didn't submit, so when I clicked back it was gone forever, that is such BS, anger, it's the 21st century stupid computer, learn to do your automated functions correctly. You've inspired me not to build a Roid Deck ever! Sorry Sirrus.

Anywho, now I don't care about the rant, but I do care about my new peeps. Sinny and Kelsey, awesome always to hear from you two, and to Meagan, welcome to the funky bunch, hope to get to know you a little more as the days go by. Let's all enjoy a shot of laughter shall we?

So I had a crappy internet connection yesterday so I couldn't post granted load a site period, so sorry that I couldn't get on, but feel free to shoot me an e-mail if it is that urgent and can't wait. I'll change it granted my location. Right now it goes to my ship e-mail but at home it will go to my home e-mail. Cool beans.

So I don't think I can illustrate this enough but I have such an unhealthy addiction to the Backstreet Boys. I used to listen to them here and there growing up. But like just earlier this year I heard some of their new stuff and I really liked it, then when we went to Japan and had drunk Karoke, the bulk of it was BSB, so I actually got on Itunes and I own every BSB tune I could get my hands on. Their latest was only four of em because Kevin left the band after Never Gone, but he rejoined last month and now their new album is supposed to hit early next year, can't wait! Gay, who said that?!

Well I need to go get my Magic on so stay cool cats, thanks for checking me out every so often, it makes the sea time go by faster, Bravo Zulu to you guys, word up!

Current Song: Mother'uckers - Flight of the Concords

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