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Thursday, December 18, 2008

   Chick Flick Night!
So yea, last night was chick flick night. The once ever week or so where me and my friend Dawn grab a chick flick, some candy and sodas, and chill watching some girly movies. Last night we watched Made of Honor. Ohh Patrick Dempsy is awesome, loved him in Enchanted, loved him in this. I want to wear jeans and blazers like him, I could be one good lookin' stylish dude. We'll see if my budget can afford it.

Update on the Yu-Gi-Oh conquest. I have taken a completely different route. Unlike the Tag Force 2 for PSP, which is competing for best Yu-Gi-Oh game next to Duelist of the Roses for PS2, it is really hard to get money and the cards you want. So for hours on end I was trying to get a Elemental Hero Flame Wingman, no dice! So now I am off to get Magicians, lots of Dark Magicians and friends, plus, I can be a way Punny-er duelist that way. Then once the Mage deck is complete, I got for a Kaiba deck, I gotta have my Blue-Eyes White Dragons, because Dragons are the best animal, both in reality and mythology, ok, inner nerd is coming out, lol.

Other then that, pretty easy day, not a whole lot going on, got my 3rd Anthrax shot, which suck but at least I have an immunity, and I just got done with my Small Pox vaccination. If you ever have the chance to get that don't. It's like having a petre dish of disease on your arm, it pusses, it grows, it scabs up real nasty like, and then leave a lame scar forever. Ohh well, if I don't have a few scars, how are the ladies going to know I rule? That's what I thought. I am out, hope to be watching "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World" later tonight!

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