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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

   Why so much work!
So today has been unusualy busy. I had watch in the morning. Then in the middle of that, I had to go to a meeting in the Chief's Mess. After lunch I have to go to force protection traing, then to mid-term counseling so they can tell me how well I am doing, then to a PQS meeting, then after that I might have time to get some maintanance done on an AC unit. Gay!

So hopefully I get a chance to just sit and be chill for a bit. I did have some time to chill last night, didn't use it to make some Yu-Gi-Oh madness (though I did leave the DS on all night so I can try and reach one hundred hours of game time which unlocks Ishizu on CPU Duel), But I did make a few play lists on the iTunes, watched an Episode of Sailor Moon Super S (With no Tuxedo Mask, damn it!), and then got some pics set up for my next wallie which probly won't make it to Otaku for a few reasons, let me explain in the next paragraph (scroll down for next paragraph)

(Scroll up if you missed the previous direction in the previous paragraph) So like my poetry, I can only my walls when I am hit with inspiration. But more then to make just a great looking Wall, I gotta have some message, even if it is subliminal, I won't make it unless it is going to capture a little part of me in it. So I made one with Suzaku and Euphie, and I think it is great but I don't think the censors will lift for it. What?! That's right, there is a little but of riske content involved. One one side, the lovely couple is kissing and it is very romantic. But on the otherside in the back in just an outline is the couple not completely dressed making a very passionate scene. It isn't like full blown hentai or anything, but anyone who doesn't think the way I do (Like a lot of people I work with, ouch, dimes yo), will not see it as a romantic scene of lovers expressing their deepest affection for one another. So yea, but I am going to the same type of thing with Lockon Stratos and Felt Grace from Gundam 00. Love is more then just words to me and can and should be expressed through the majesty of music, poetry, actions, art, and well words. So yea, bite me if you only see the two quote unquote "doing it."

Well that is all I have for today. They got some hot dogs waiting for me out on the messline so I am about to go enjoy some of that action. See you tomorrow!

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