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Saturday, December 13, 2008

   Is it just me?
I swear sometimes I feel like I own my island. Not that I mind at all, Jimmy Buffet keep me safe and guide me, but why can't others do that same. I hate to see people so stressed about the little things when you can just take it easy. But then again, life is painless when your brainless.

So what I think is awesome is finding something you wrote way back when and then reading it now. It's funny to see how much time has passed between now and then. What you were doing, what you were listening to, the relationships you had, the things your friends did. But to get off the Nastalgic road, I found a poem I wrote and I am going to try to incorporate into my next wallpaper. Check it!

Ballroom Duet
By: Jace Reed

Like the glory of the first star in the evening sky, your smile invites me into a palace. I become intoxicated by your scent that could deteriorate the vilest of minds. The passionate stares cause me to muster the courage to humble to one knee for one more dance. I am yours for the taking.

Your kind and blameless hand caress mine taking away my train of thought. I rise to meet your eyes. As the conductor starts the symphony, our waltz commences. The lights dim and we become the center of attention. A knight engaging a beautiful spectacle with the princess of his deepest desires.

The ballroom becomes a world where only the two of us exist. A fate for the future of two star crossed lovers, we spin slowly. My heart loses all control of its tempo as you lay your head upon my chest. I know that when I whisper I love you, my sole rationale becomes your pleasure and compassionate tender affection.

As the orchestra completes its final crescendo, our pace slows. So full of butterflies and sweet nothings that only poets dare comprehend, I look at you so infatuated. Overcome and overwhelmed, I lean in close to your lips. Intertwine, we become one, sharing hopes and fears but with no heed to consequence. I am yours and you are mine, so let us continue on so we might find that place only fools dream of. Close your eyes and never give up on this blissful ecstasy.

This is what happens when you mix Euphie X Suzaku and lots of music a dude shouldn't listen to like Backstreet Boys (I rock the BSB), Savage Garden, and Enrique Iglasias. Ohh well, I dig it and that is all that matters.

Wow, this was a long one. Still waiting but I am hopeful that I will hear from her any time. ^^

The Dark Rose Enigma ~~<@

Somebody wants you. Somebody needs you. Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely. Somebody hopes that one day you will see that somebody's me.

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