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Ok so then I am dabunnygirl. i love skateboarding alot. And mangas course i can also draw pretty good too, which is always good saying as i wanna be a tattoo artist. I actully really want to design my own skateboards...but i wanna be a tattoo artist first for a bit =D.

At the moment deathnote and fruitbasket seem to be my obsseion in the maga world...tho i lke lots of others... i get fixations with certine ones sumtimes. tho i happen to like more manga's that deal with death...i'm strange that way =D

Music wise...well i like heavy metal and oldschool hard core punk like 12 step rebels. Sonata arctica, arch enemy, 69 eyes and 12 step rebels happen to be my music fixations at the moment. But music is my life...

Skateboarding...well i been boarding since gr.8 i'm now in gr 11....so yea bout 3 yrs now. at the moment..i'm on a blind "north park" board =D

Course i like nothing more to just chill with all my mates and laugh it up. Thats the only way to live life.. forget the shit that happens and only remember the good times :) tis the only way to live life...to much pain in the world..don't add more.

I love chatting so if you want leave me a message i'll get back to you right away :)

uh yea..i just joined so give me sum time to figure it all out. Peace

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yay my first post :)
Well now...what to say???
hmm i unno but i'm bored
so i'm gunna go do sum quzzies

peace peeps

Da Bunny
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