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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Since my return to theO, I will be making some changes to my page. It's going to take some times and there will be the funkiest colors appearing. It is because it has been a long time since I've had to use html color coding and I'm trying to remember it all.

Hope to make this place look stunning soon!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

   8 Years Later...
This page has been long over due for an update from when I used to post here as a kid. I'm glad to say I hadn't give up on coming here after seeing how much talent has rose up with many people on this site. My journey through high school and college has kept me astray from appreciating anime/manga, but since meeting my current boyfriend of 5 years this January 23rd, he has gotten me back into it.

But more importantly, I'm glad to come back as an adult and I cannot wait until I have a computer again to make more wallpapers and more. The reason why I don't have a computer is because my laptop that my dad got me as a senior gift from 2010 broke without any warning. I was having problems with it, it was a Dell Inspirion and had many technical problems with it, thus why I bought myself an iPad mini for school work and I was able to take it with me to go to work.

But despite all my other struggles I had encountered growing up, which I will not bore you with the small details, I've kept my passion for art and that includes animation. I'm proud to say, that after all that life has thrown at me, I was able to overcome them even when I believed I couldn't and return back to here as a woman. I hope to convey that through my artwork that I will post on here and do hope everybody will enjoy it as well.

It has taken me eight years and I'm back and with hopes that I can start fresh.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

ohmigosh....been such a long while since I updated this place, phew! School just kills me! xP Sometimes I wish I was homeschooled...*sighs* anyways, the school year's almost over. My big GEPA test that I've been waiting for ever since 6th grade is coming, having it this monday...tomorrow. xP Oh wellz...wish me luck! >,< haha!
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