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Monday, August 7, 2006

   No idea
Just felt like doing something random.:P
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

AS luck would have it, when i get back from a vecation i get sick. i feel like shitz. i think its the flu or atleast it feels like it...or maybe westnile, i was in a hot zone for it. Nevertheless i have 102 fever, akes up every body part, and my eyes are burning. I can't feel comfterable, i'm eather too cold or too hot, blah..i hate being sick:(. Its been 3 days and counting...kinda long for a flu for meX.x

In other news, i found my favorite internet radio again after they went off line for awhile: Click here to check the site I've listen to it since i was like...um...really young, well the DJ was 13 when he started atleast, he's now 18 or 19...REally good music for a difrent kinda music, its kinda soft music/emo..but its rock at the same time...i guess its.."experamental"??? W/e its still good. check it out:D

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