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Sunday, September 11, 2005

I am...Alive!!!Boo-ness sorry for the no update in the longest time.

I'm working full time now and trying to balance my time correctly. Its hard. :( Working full time and trying to take care of a 10 month old. That and we are starting to make plans for his 1st birthday party. He will be one year old on November 3, 2005. So that is taking up some time as well.

I will try to update oftenl, but the way things are going.... It looks like I will only be able to update once a week. *Sadness* -____-" Even if I don't update I will still try to drop by your sites. :)


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is a pic of me and the baby during easter. : )

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Im feeling a lot better. The baby on the other hand looks worse. >_<" His nose is ultra stuffies and he couldn't sleep at night. Poor baby. What little sleep he got he got it in our bed. He didn't want to stay in his room so he spent the night with us. So I was constantly watching over him making sure he could breath and that his nose was not stuffy. -__-"

I didnt sleep at all. My husband got some sleep which is good cause he went to work today. The baby got some sleep as well but not enough so he is all cranky and fussy. U__U"

I hope the doctor gives him something to clear up his nose. We tried going to buy something over the counter but all the cold medicine said to consult a doctor before giving it to children under 2yrs. So im taking him to the doctor later today. :(

Well, bye bye. *^-^*

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ahh!...Ahhhh!! CHOOooo!!!!
Yeah, I'm sick. :( *sniff, sniff* I Have a runny nose and a soar throught, and to make things worse. I kinda passed it on to the baby. So now he is sick. He has a runny nose and is really cranky. Its hard for him to sleep at night because his nose gets stuffy. So yeah me have been very busy at work and at home so thats why me was unable to post sooner. I was not able to visit your sites, but ill try to do that today. *crossing fingers*

Well I finished the drawing i said i was working on. Here it is.

What do you guys think?? We did it for a contest we entered on the Gaia forums. I hope we place, or win. *^o^* It would be cools to win.

Tomorrow i have off so im going to stay home rest and try to get better. ^__^"

Laters, *Hugs hugs to all*

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Yeah....i just got back from work a while ago....10pm. Im really tired. Today was a horrible day at work. There were a lot of people! and there was only two of us.

So yeah me all tired. Im going to go to sleep. Ill try to update more tomorrow morning. Hope you guys had a better day than I did. -_-" Laters,

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Random Pic Post
Umm...dont really have much to report, and sice im working my unfinished drawings I decided to post something cute that I found a some time ago. If anybody does not like it then blame it on Angel in Hell she got me hooked on the whole EdxRoy thing. o__O"

Some time ago i ago...meaning two days ago. I found a EdxRoy doushinji. It was cute. Its in Japanese but you can tell what its about.

Have you ever heard someone say that if you can tie two cherry stems into a knot that means your a good kisser. o_O Well the doushinji has something to do with that.

Poor Ed is having trouble making the knot, but then along comes Roy...lol!!

Well here it is just click on the pic to read the rest.
Are you a good kisser??

So what do you guys think?? Oh if you liked it and want to look at the original site click here. :)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yays its Tuesday!!! Which means that tomorrow Wednesday I have the day off. *^O^* This is my first day off since last monday. Me so happy that ill do a Happy dance. *Does a happy dance*

Oh since we are on the subject of a happy dance....What do you guys think of my new pic. Its Bridget and he is doing a happy dance. :P I saw it on someones signature in the gaia online forums, and knew I had to save it. *^o^* Yay Bridget!!

Oh and I recently noticed that my baby is obsessed with the Teletubies. o__O That is the only show for which he will sit completely still for the whole show. That and Kipper. He likes Kipper as well.

Since tommorrow is my day off im going to try and catch up on all my random unfinished drawings.

We recently entered a drawing contest on the gaia forums and Im still not done with it. We have to submit it by saturday so i need to finish it tomorrow. *^o^* I hope we atleast place. Ill put it up when im done with it. I say we because its a colaboration. My husband drew the pic and im going to color it in. :) Its a really cute pic and I hope I dont mess it up. -___-

Bye bye then. Ill try to visit your sites before I take off to work.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Hihi!!! How is everybody?? Im ok. Today I went to work at 9:00am. Boss Lady got there late. She got there at 9:30am... Yeah I was stuck outside of the store for 30 mins. It was so boring!!!

She was late because she had gotten stuck in traffic. I know thats true because I avoided taking the Freeway for that same reason.

They are adding lanes to the freeway and at the moment there are only two open. So during the morning and afternoon lunch rush.... I avoid the freeway all together. =_="

Ooops Baby is up, and he is hungry. :P Laters,

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hihi to all. Today I go in to work at 2pm. :) So I actually have time to post and later ill drop by your sites.

Oh so yeah...dorky girl. Yesterday I was supposed to go in to work at 12pm. I went to drop off my husband at his job at 11:30 then take off in a hurry to my job. I thought I was going to be late, but I got there just in time. As soon as I walk in one of the girls is like. "Hey!! Why are you here so early??" o__O Early?? Don't i go in at 12?? She just said "Didn't they call you? "Random Girl switched with you. You dont come in till 2pm."

Grrrrr....was all i could say. So Random Girl decided to switch hours with me and didn't even tell me. >__<" It was horrible. So I went ahead and drove back home. I was not about to stay at the mall for 2 hours with nothing to do. That and well I was in my work uniform, and well its really dorky. :P

Totally different subject. What do you guys think of my Rocoloko Robot.

His name is Piro, and I got him in a mini shop at the Gaia Online Forums. I think its really cute. *^o^*

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Its the curse of the clam!!!
*Yays* We went to the mall and just walked around and looked at stuff. :) We had a good time. We were doing fine on the whole not spending thing but then we went to suncoast and yeah....the concept of keeping to the budget went out the window. Here is what we got.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah we got the Digi Charat Limited Eddition Treasure Box. It includes all 16 epis, 3 mini figs, a post card, a t-shirt voucher, vol 1 of manga, and the soundtrack. We are so happy. We wont have any spending money till next month but we are ok...i guess. ^O^
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Friday, August 12, 2005

Last Day to Vote
Today is the last day you can vote for my site for the Website Theme Contest by either PMing Jigglyness or leaving a comment on her website. If you would like to vote for me it would be yays!! :P

Not much to report. Both my husband and my baby passed out. They both fell asleep around 2pm and have not woken up. Its going to be 6pm soon. So they have been asleep for a good while and when they wake up they are both going to be hungry. *^__^* Im almost done with the laundry. I just need one more load, and then we take off to the mall. Yays for Ice Cream!! We might even drop by Hot Topics and look at their baby stuff. We got him a really cute t-shirt there last time. :) Laters,

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