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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey, people. It's been a while and i have to say that i don't really like the new otaku design, that's why i don't use it that much.But, despite that, i wanted to talk about the show Reborn, i read the manga but whatever, the anime is cool to.

I wanted to know how you people felt about Reborn and how you would react if it got dubbed in english. I know some of you may be already thinking 'oh god, i would hate that.' personally i don't mind english dubs.

I think that if it did get dubbed that funimation should lincense it. Any better ideas?

Who do you guys think should play everyone?

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

OHM NOM! Kanda!: No I'm just bored! OHM NOM! LAVI! YAY! I'm bored. Cloud...... Strife. yeah bored. snore drool blehn :E grr
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A strange joke
once ther was a cheerio and he was all the way at the bottom of the cheerio factory so one day he decideed he didn't want to be a plain cheerio beacause he always got stepped on. So he went to fruity cheerio school and passed so he became a fruity cheerios. then he decided he didn't want to be a fruity cheerio b/c he was still getting stepped on. So he went to chocolate cherrio school and hegot ds but that's still passing so he got to a chocolate cheerio so he was at the top of the factoy. so one day he threw a party inviting all of the cheerios. at the party he got thirsy so he got in the water line but it was to long so he got in the soda line but it was a little long to so he got in the punch line but there was no punchline.

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