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Saturday, April 25, 2009


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ohmygosh, i bet you never though you'd see Andi back on here. lol. although, i'm sure no one's even going to read this, so i don't know why i'm even bothering. anyways, i'm going to tell all of you how everything's been! here goes!

okay, so my mom got married last July, beach wedding at like.. 6am.. gosh, it was awful.. then went to Disney world.. i locked myself in the hotel.. not a big family person.. finally went to the waterpark and i got burnt pretty bad because i usually avoid sunlight.

dropped out of school last september.. i think.. working on getting my GED now so i'll be able to go to college and get my health license. then i can open a tattoo/piercing parlor! :D

mkay.. let's see.. i was an idiot and started using my friend's Adderall, which caused me to go completely blind for about ten minutes because i was extremely dehydrated, hadn't eaten, and hadn't slept in nearly a week. so i definiately stopped.

i have a boyf now. his name is Kial, but unfortunately he lives in Sacramento, whereas i'm in St. Louis. long distance relationships are hard, but we're managing. i plan on moving out to L.A. in the near future, anyway. then it will only be a few hours distance. :D woots.

i spend a lot of my time with my bestest best friends, Anthony and Ashley. mostly we just drive around blaring the stereo. or trying to find Anthony a boyfriend. ha!

hm.. most of my friends are like.. starting to fall in love with me, i swear.. *sigh* there's at least five people who have confessed to having feelings for me.. i hate it. i just wish people would want friendship from me and nothing more.

okay.. now there's also been some not so great things happening.. like i may have hypothyroidism, which is where your thyroid doesn't produce enough of an important hormone. it can lead to weight gain (that would explain a lot, considering i'm pretty much a health freak and can't lose any weight, period.), irregular mentrual cycles in girls, infertility.. and once it gets to advanced stages even a coma. woohoo. i go in on May 12th for my bloodwork and all that.

i've also discovered i'm even more messed up than i'd previously thought. my uncle passed away, but it literally had no impact on me. my emotions are broken, but they're slowly coming back, i think. i'm going to start seeing a psychologist to see if maybe they can figure out what's wrong with me, which i'm sure they'll find a lot.

also, i thought i'd share a picture of myself with evreyone, because i've really changed a lot. (: for the better, i think.

mkayy, well i can't really think of what else to update you on.. oh! i'm moving out this summer.. well, out of my house anyway. and i'll be moving into my gramma's. nothing special, but at least it's away from the rest of my family.

i'm also in Chicago quite a bit since my dad moved up here. being in the city is pretty amazing. (: lol.

okay. that's it. i suppose i'll update again at some later date. i'm not quite sure when, though. but hopefully it will be rather soon.




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