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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 10/01/04:

You are Faith! Trying to look on the bright side of
things, you put every ounce of trust in what
you do. Pray every night and keep on being

What Virtue Are You? Nice Pics.
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Result Posted on 09/09/04:

Earth Sprite
Reserved, quiet, wise and free spirited You are a sprite of the Earth: You have a deep
connection with the earth and all its
creatures, preferring plants and animals to
people you are quiet and reserved. You
understand things on a different level and can
often see straight through to a persons true
intentions. You are mysterious to everyone even
those in your family, they may live with you
but that doesn't mean they 'know' the real you.
Being inside the house for long periods of time
can be torture, you crave the outdoors and love
simply escaping up a tree or into the forest
where you can be free. Although you may be
smart you are easy to judge a person because
you fear what they 'may' be going to do. You
are wise in things that most overlook and you
are very creative in many aspects like art,
music, etc... Although try as they may to seek
you, you are a free spirit. Just let them try
to catch and put you in a cage.

.::=What type of mythical Sprite are you?=::. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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Result Posted on 08/28/04:

Your appeal ist most like that of a Tomboy!
Tomboy!You loved to play 'Boy-Games' in your
childhood and you thought that Barbie is an
arrogant bitch. Today you get a lot of respect
from boys. You understand the most men better
then his freinds. Fact: You're a challenge for
every boy!

What's your female appeal? ( with pics! )
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Result Posted on 08/24/04:

RUN!!! You escape! Good way to get out of troubles.
You are able to measure a situation and react
accordingly, so if you see that there is no
chance to prevent troubles, go as soon as you

How do you react when you are afraid? ( ...with pics... )
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Result Posted on 08/05/04:

You came from the sky. Your a daydreamer and prefer
to have a good look on situations.

Where did you come from?
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Result Posted on 08/05/04:

Your eye color should be brown! You have a love and
knack for anything creative and artistic. You
can be a tad stubborn at times, but are an
overall good person with a classy and cool

What Color Eyes Should You Have? ( With Anime Pictures ^-^ )
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Result Posted on 08/02/04:
its kinda right except for the stuff about frilly and fluffy things..

you are a green flower
You are the green flower maiden! you are beautiful
and pretty much perfect! you love to think of
love and are a little klutzy and is a nature
freak! you love frilly and fluffy things. you
have many friends and wouldnt trade your life
for anything!

What type bright maiden are you?GURLZ ONLY!!No pervs!Anime Pics!!!!
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Result Posted on 08/02/04:
hey the pic kinda looks like me..

You are mysterious
You are mysterious and no one seems to know too
much about you. You don't have many friends.
That is what attracts them. You have this
mysterious and artsy aura that make people want
to get to know you.

What Attracts People To You? For gurls only (cool anime pics)
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Result Posted on 07/30/04:
Yup, that sounds kinda like me.^_^

You're Element is Wind. You're light-hearted,
care-free, kind, sensative and mysterious. You
have friends and most absolutley love you. You
can be calm and soothing one minute and ragging
in anger the next so no one wants to get on
your bad side. You're beauty is inspiring and

What's Your Element(girls)?(PICTURES)
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Result Posted on 07/29/04:
unique quiz..

HASH (0x8a9d264)
You are a Butterfly Tattoo! You are very calm and
most of the time you have control over
things.Sometimes you can be a little shy.You are a
beautiful soul, with a caring heart.

What tattoo are you?
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