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Monday, February 28, 2005

Drug-Induced Hallucination
Time: 6:00

Since barely anyone comes by anymore- either because they dont have time or dont care- i'm not gonna write as often.

Once a week, maybe twice but thats it. Especially since Soccer shall take up most of my time now, which is awesome. ^__^

We had a pizza party today and the Soccer Meeting. Those were the main things, atleast. Party was fun^__^ We barely ever get any of 'em though because we're "Bad children". >_>
And after school i went to my friend Mary's house, then we came walking back to school, for the Soccer thing. It was less than i expected though, all we did was give our info- like our names and #'s. Some people i didnt like though.. and to think they'll be on my team for so long.
Well I jus stayed there with my friend till everyone left, talking,and eventually we left too.

Rawr.. i have homework! >_< I hate homework, specially when its from our teacher in Civics(The one that can almost never stop talking- he's 'bout 60, and i think he mumbles to himself sometimes.) x_X

Tommorow is our first Soccer Practice! ..hehe.. ^__^

I REALLY need to listen to some music right now, so- Ja Ne!


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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hey. I got a new shout box!^^ First one ever!
School really has been boring/awkward lately, because of this whole deal with my friend being mad at me- and i dont even know why she is..
ah well.. i'll try fixing it tommorow.
But me and a couple other friends, the ones i might join soccer with, are going to go get our shin gaurds and soccer shoes on Sunday- if our moms get tired of us asking and say yes. Downtown, they have stores jam-packed with everything you could want for almost any sport!

Lunes is Girls soccer Check-out.
I can't wait for Monday!

Question: "What defines the word HAPPINESS for you?" <-- question teachers were to ask us, to write in our journals at school.

Oh! the new theme, is Zombie Hunters ^_^

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Your a threat to yourself and society.

Wah T_T I'm sick.

And its all becuase of yesterday. >_<

"Do you have a death wish or something?!" were my mom's words, when she saw me going outside to play soccer while wearing shorts.
Life's too short, so it didn't make sense not to live for fun.
Mary came over, and we went to the park, to play basketball plus knockout. 'Twas fun, but i almost always lose because she's a basketball champ- she's been playing since she was 6 T_T

Well then we came back home after playing about 22 games of knockout(we came out of there sweaty >_< akk..)then me and my brother went outside to play soccer- well actually, in the end we just climbed the trees in my backyard, and i tried to do a backwards flip/summersault on our trampoline(tried it, and i cant,sadly ^_^;;), we only played a few minutes of soccer. After that i started coughing all the time and i woke up with a sore throat.

Akkkk, so today i was supposed to have Chicken Noodle Soup,but no we dont have any. Instead i had spaghetii and medicine( i'm still a little groggy from the medicine my mom's making me take x_X )

I ended up feeling too sick to even go to school today. T~T
That means one thing- i'm free to be around here all day, free to annoy my mom with my presence. ^__^

See ya.


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Friday, February 18, 2005

pixi stix addict
You guys! There was finally the Soccer meeting i've been waiting for! It was yesterday! Except, they didnt really tell us that before, they just kinda got on the intercom in the morning and said that there was a Girls Soccer Team meeting thing in the Band Room.

Lots of girls went, including me^^ My friend Mary talked me into it. She's a natural, the opposite of me. I'm good- but not good enough. I want to get better. As good as the all-time-sports-champ, Cindy B.
Well- Each and every one of us signed this sheet, saying our names and some info. He told us some about the school's soccer team. The meeting was actually very short-only about 15 minutes, but into that he crammed in talking about that he's gonna teach us how to play soccer right, that our team won last year's Championships, that we need to get shin gaurds and shoes, That checkout is on February 28, and that our first practice would be on the 1st. We practice an hour everyday, i think.

Oh! I need to go to the hospital tommorow, to get my Pyshical. Thats where they check if your healthy enough to play any sports whatsoever at my school. You guys probly know that already though.

A few friends are gonna join the soccer team, so thats awesome. I'm not officially sure if i shall join though- i need to convince my dad to let me.
I really need to go, but i'll see ya later ^__^


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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Random rants, ramblings, and thoughts.
Listening to: nothing special this time
Time: 4:42 pm

Hey everyone. Sorry i havnt updated lately. I just came once in a while to check pms, but never got around to actually writing a post. I was messing around seeing if i could change this site, but obviously i cant.No.. strike that. I can make it look diffrent, but i had something else in mind. Chie- thanks for trying to help anyway.

I've been drawing lots, mainly for my friend and a few other people that wanted me to draw for 'em. My friend lended me her sketchbook, and she's awesome. I've been drawing in that for too long now ^^;;

Twas fun, these past days. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,Sunday,Monday, today.
My friends are awesome, hehe..does anyone watch Who's Line Is It Anyway? its this show that me a few friends think is hilarious. Well, we tried copying them, singing in the morning- each of us only says one word, so we make up a song. Sounds stupid if you go on to explaining it, you jus gotta watch the show.

On Sunday i played basketball and then soccer with my neighbors/friends and my brother. You know what guys? i think i'll quit my short-lived job as a papergirl in March, so i can join the soccer team. What do you think? By then i think i might have enough money for my drums. Hopefully.

oh! Happy Late Chinese New Years!! It was on Wednesday! I know, because they gave us chinese food for lunch that day and they told us about it. Egg rolls.. fortune cookies. Hey! The fortune for my friend Ana that almost never talks was, "You have a charming way with words" ..hehehe.. Mine was " A friend is a present you give yourself" All the fortunes were pretty cheesy. ^^;;;

Did anyone watch the Grammies? They were cool, Green Day performed and won a grammy! ^_^

Sorry for the late design, i wanted to put it on earlier, but sadly..no. I jus put it there today.

Happy Late Valentines Day! I hope you had a happy one. ^_^
*showers everybody with roses and chocolates* A little late for that, but its the thought that counts, right?

Right NOW i cant think of anything else worthwhile to say, so See ya later.


I would like to thank the few people that still come by, with all my heart.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Listening to: nothing.The stereo's busted x.X
Time:5:28 p.m

Bitter coldness surrounded us all today!
Well, we finally went to the dreaded Parent/Teacher confrences.
Its actually more like Meshowingmymomallthati'vedone(or..havnt done)whileteachersmilesinsanelyatustalkinginspanishbecauseshesbeendrinkingcoffeealldaytostayawakethroughalltheseawfulconfrences.

Actually, my grades arnt as bad as i thought they'd be.I thought i'd have D's.. I have 3 A-'s, 1 B-, and a C. The other grade is unknown- my tech. teacher wasnt there soo.. yes. I'm average. I think..?

The roads are all icy, and when you walk anywhere along the roads, its like your ice skating.Its kinda cool. My little brother was scared to death. ..hehe..
Eventually i fell on to my knees, like the idiot that i am ^^;;

Thats pretty much all that happened today, other than making lunch for everyone and delivering the papers. Oh yes! i added some money to my Drums savings ^^
My twisted mind thinks that i'll get the Drums by this Summer. The GOOD set of drums. At Brier and Hales(spl) Music store.
Theres bottled hope somewhere, lets see if i can find it..

See ya guys later this week^^
Have fun.

Cuddle-San loves and hates you all

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Friday, February 4, 2005

Bottled Happiness?
Listening to:Green Day "Blvd. of Broken Dreams
Time: 11:30

This rocks so hard!


Except- only one thing can make that kinda bad.. Parent Teacher Confrences >_<
I hate those! Especially since i have 2 bad grades.. C's and D's are gonna piss off my parents. Well.. atleast all the rest are A's and B's.

Then, This guy called me, he's a paperdelivererpersonthatihardly know. He was real shy(wtf?) about it but eventually he asked if i'd be his substitute for Friday and Saturday. I guess, i said yea. But that means double work.ah,well. He's giving me 20 bucks to do it, and thats good.

Yesterday after school was Chase and a few friends saying "Bbbyyyyyee!" as i dragged myself and my baggy jeans down the hall.heh,and we had 3 tests. Atleast i did. Spanish,Math,and Civics. I failed atleast one of 'em, i know it.

I dont know what i'm gonna do with myself today, but i'll find SOMETHING to do.

What are you guys doing this weekend?



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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

I'm thinking of deleting this account.. for some reason..heh, i'll think about it.This MyO deal is getting a little overrated..

Well, today there's NO HOMEWORK!! so i'm real happy for that. A night ago i stayed up all night trying to finish my research stuff, for this career thing we're doing. Oh yes. I havnt told you guys. I'm gonna be a psychiatrist. hehe.. i'd hate to be that in real life, but i'm just studying it. ..PSYCHO!..

Things were messed up today, because half the 8th graders went to the highschool to enroll and take tours. Yea, we're all STILL lost. I went yesterday though. it wasnt bad, except some lady was saying that all of us girls should be cheerleaders. "YAY! GO TEAM GO!!" -_-
People over there look tall and mature, the opposite of us- short and immature. heh.It doesnt seem TOO intimidating though, going to high school- it'll be fun.

To make things short, We went to the research room to work on the laptops( i didnt even know it existed! O_o), i roamed around the hall(with this maraca thing my Spanish Class uses as a pass, and a few seventh graders were kinda staring at me weird cuz the thing makes this noise when you walk "Freak!!" ),got inspiration to draw from these strangers,got a complete stranger to talk to mah, helped my friend with a fanfic,got asked if i've "been a good girl" by this lady i despise,ran my ass off trying to deliver the papers in time and talked to my friends after school(they're such pervs, but hilarious).

So, yea. Pretty uneventful day.ughh.. but i'm still sleepy. pathetic, ne?

I just had to post.So i'll see ya.


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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Nothing special, just a totally random post.
My baggy black pants were shaking when i was sitting on the bleachers. Tears ran down my dirt-stained cheeks and i could taste the bitter-sweetness of them as they reached my mouth. Nobody was there, except me. Slowly though, people were starting to come onto the bleachers around me. I touched the silver cross that was on my necklace and hoped it would all just end. Finally, my friends came. At first they didnt recognize me, i was always so happy. But as soon as they did, they came to my side.Panic was in their eyes, i rarely ever cried. They didnt know what happened,but knew there was something seriously wrong. They hugged me as tears slid down my face. Then they just sat beside me,knowing all i needed was the company. I could hear somebody gasp. "What happened?" i turned to see him. "My grandpa died!" i whispered, and broke down, crying harder.

hmm.. Do you believe, that i just made all that up? in a few minutes i made a little story,sorta. What do you think?
Am i as sucky a writer as i think i am? heh, probably.

Well- Here's a song that i really like(especially the last verse), and my friend Lauren wrote it, She writes her own lyrics and plays them on the guitar. awesome,ne?

Here I am,
You sat me down,
with the rules laid out
in front of me
Up in my face, Cause
I lost the race
Your always telling me
exactly who to be.

I'm tired of your Stupid Lies,
And too sick of the times you've
tried to change me.
It's time to make a move,
and i will overthrow
the undertow.

Attack the rules
when all else fails.
Screw the crowd cause I'm
alone and proud
It isn't fair,
Cause i'm not in to all
your shit.

My day was okay, i guess.
A little weird though. But I will not let guilt, confusion,depression and frustration hold me down, would i? I'll be stronger.. in time.maybe. People can be such jerks at my school. Sooner or Later, your gonna hate it. I dont feel as good as usual,i hope that'll change,but..

Sometimes i think it just isn't necessary to talk about it..because it'll just make the people i care worried, and they might even share my pain. And sometimes.. i know i'm a real whacko, and it's just advisable that i'd be left alone perhaps. Alone + Proud.

I'll just go away now, i'm so tired. I'm barely awake while typing this.. i think. i love sleep, i just dont get enough of it.See ya later guys.

Random Qoute:"I'd rather hurt myself than to hurt others"


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Friday, January 21, 2005

Dive In
I have a question. What would you do, Go to a far away place so that you can study what you want to be in life, or stay with your friends in a city you've had so many good times in? Very hard,ne?
This is the last year that i'm gonna be with my few good friends.Atleast, with ALL of us together. Slowly, everyone is leaving this damn city.

Well, on a diffrent subject, i(with the help of some friends) wrote 3 pages of the fan fic i'm doing.Thanks Chie, for helping me a lil. Ha, i wrote it all in a few hours, while teachers were talking non-stop and while the class was watching a video about tornados,and how a lady was screaming "KITTY! HERE,KITTY!" while the cat was sitting there on the window, and in the background there was a tornado. ha, people can be so stupid and weird. The lady was yelling for the kitty to come for about 5 minutes. Yes,well the sound of a kitty saying "..meow.." when a lady's screaming at him, does kinda make you look at the screen.

We're gonna enroll in the highschool pretty soon >_< ..i'm gonna be a freshman.. -_-

Hehe.. One more thing, Please Fill This Out..

A) First, Reccomend me:
1.a movie:
2.a book:
3.a musical artist,song or album:

B)Ask me three questions,no more, no less.Ask me anything you want.

C)Copy and paste this in your journal.

Thanks everyone! I'll see ya later. ..maybe.

"Damn you! I was dreaming about dancing cookies and Inuyasha! Wow what an awesome combination!"

With Much Luv,

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