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Hi!! I used to be yashamoon but I decided to get a different name so this is my new account.I hope you guys like my art. Plz check out my friend's site Psyconorika!! She got me on this site! If you'd like to know anything else about me or my art go ahead and ask!^^

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm back!!!
It feels like its been forever since i last updated this site...actually now that i think about it was lol well i hope u all are doing great! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI've been doing okay...just dealing with school and work..it actually got extra stressful this semester. But now that i have a short break i hope to be able to draw something...soon very soon.. Well for those of u that would like to contact me i am mostly on my other art sites if u want to contact me there i use the same user name: Crystaltsubasa =D i will try my best to check up on this site as well.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ttyl take care!!
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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

What a day!!! >_
Hi everyone!!!! Sorry I haven't updated in a long time I've been really busy lately with school, work and other things. Also I'm mostly on other sites too; sheezy, deviantart, myspace...if u were wondering..Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo Halloween has passed...How was ur Halloween by the way?? Mine was okay could have been better...Image hosted by Photobucket.com It kind of disappointed me how some things went; first off some friends of mine were acting soooo stupid and frankly it pissed me off..I had waited for Halloween for so long and it sucks how it almost got ruined...part of it had to do with the fact that 2 of my friends that were supposed to "hang out" and dance at the club...well let's just say that one of them decided to be with someone else with some girl that he knows i don't get along with...and the other well she just flat out ditched me and my other two friends she went off with her other friends and mostly just disapeared most of the night up until the last hour of so... i was like wtf??!!well after we got out of the club, which was packed!!! U could hardly walk or even breath in there...lol but it was awesome I really didn't mind it much, it made it even better...in my opinion. Well we were about to drive off to 7/11 but then I discovered that I had a flat!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! It got me so moody...if that is even possible I was already moody when I started driving. For a while there I wasn't sure what i wanted to do first; scream or cry. But it turned out okay i guess... my friends changed the flat, I dropped off my car at my house, and then drove my friends to their place. I ended up getting home half frozen and dead tired around 5ish am.Image hosted by Photobucket.com What scares me is that I was falling asleep at the wheel I was trying my hardest to stay awake but I couldn‘t... I’m surprised I even made it home okay.. Well it’s time for me to get back to my homework.. It just keeps piling up!!!! Gao…Well I hope u all are doing okay. TTYL. Take Care. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Well I really haven't had a chance to do much since I'm trying to keep up with things. I haven't even had a chance to draw anything!!!!Image hosted by Photobucket.com But today I will draw my very first Hinata pic!!! I LOVE Hinata sssoooo much!!!!!! lol I hope u guys like my drawing.
It's been kind of weird in college. I thought that I might feel a little lonely since none of my friends are going to college right now... But I've found it extremely easy this year to make friends in my classes. So far my classes r okay but talking to the people in my classes makes it okay we usually talk about how funny looking the professors are. lol Talking about funny professors; my Basic Drawing teacher started having some kind of attack. lol She started screaming about how much she needs a smoke especially on such a cool winters day. We were all sitting around in a circle and I just couldn't help myself I just started laughing out loud. I hadn't had such a good laugh in a while.
OMG!! Yesterday I had to work graveyard from 9pm to 5am. and I was feeling like crap... I had such a bad headache and everything was hurting. I had asked my friend from work if he could bring me some aspirin or something and he said that he wasn't sure if he had any and that if he didn't then that sorry.. So then I started feeling really sad cuz I felt like he really didn't care. So then I was text messaging one of my other friends and I told her that I was feeling like crap and that I really needed some aspirin and she actually went to my work and gave me some aspirin I wanted to cry a little!!! I felt sooo special!!Image hosted by Photobucket.com It made me realize who my real friends are and the ones that really care.
On another more important note it's going to be my friend's B-Day Monday!!! Happy Birthday Michellearooo!!!!!! (aka Psyconorika)I'm actually excited to go to her bday party!! It's rare for me to be excited about anything now a days. I guess part of the reason I'm excited is because I haven't had a chance to hang out with her. So YAYAROO!!!!! How r u guys doing?? Hope everything is going well for u all. Talk to u all later!!! Take Care!!!Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Monday, August 29, 2005

I COULD DIE A LITTLE!!! I decided to give up on the song that I wanted to put up in the first place so then I got another song from AIR as my background. Finally it all matches well kind of. Lol Aaaarrrrrr!! Shiawase!Image hosted by Photobucket.com Well I've been really moody lately specially since I started school now and I have to go to work still. So it's getting really stressful. I went through a nervous breakdown on Friday and it just got me sooo upset seeing the schedule for work, I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. I was starting to feel better after coming from my friends bday party, but when I went to work it all just come back to me an I started stressing after just working an hour. But one thing that looks like it's going to work for me is my classes they seem okay; 2 art classes and 2 other blah classes lol. One thing though that gets me kind of happy early in morning for my first class is that I have this really kawaii "asian" guy in my class.Image hosted by Photobucket.comlol Anyway I hope I can get through it all okay. How are u guys doing?? Hope ur school and things are going great. TTYL. Take Care!
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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Updated site!!
OMG!!! I finally put up background music!!Yayaroo!!Image hosted by Photobucket.com The only thing is that it's not the song that i wanted.T~T I tried looking for it, but i was starting to stress so then i gave up on it. I might try looking for a way to use the song that i want as soon as i have more free time. But I still love this song though.^^ To those of u that dont know what it is its Butterfly from DDR.

On another subject, I cant believe summer is OVER!!!! I dont want to go back to school!!!>_< Even though its not that bad i guess. I guess since they practically let u do anything in college its not as bad. But still its all going to pile up again!!! I'm going to be dead tired every single day because of school and then going to work!!! I could cry a littleImage hosted by Photobucket.com Well i guess it really is true what my mom always tells me: "That's life" Oh I hope I can get through it okay. Gao... Well I'll talk to u all later. Take Care.

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