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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I must be an insecure person because my dog doesn't really like to cuddle with me in the evenings and this is bothering me. I feel between being away at work, and not letting him sleep in the bed at night I've inadvertantly conditioned him out of cuddling :/ and in my guilt over him being lonely during the day I'm thinking about a second dog to keep him company. Issue: my bf wants a dachshund, I want a french bulldog. Although I did some internet scouring tonight, looks like for a french bulldog I'd have to special order it and I really want my current dog to meet any future dog before I get him. There's a lot more dachshunds available for rescue, but I'm nervous about the barking and anti-social tendencies towards people and dogs.

tomorrow I'm skiing! My knee's been acting up really bad this past week, and even though I should probably opt out... I'm going to go for it, hopefully my knee won't give out while I'm careening down a slope. I want to try a blue tomorrow, last time I got off the bunny hill onto a green. I'm nervous. I've been to other ski resorts, but this particular one, the slopes are scary (to me anyway)

our Barnes and Noble is going out of business. I'm hoping to find a good book on tape to listen to while I'm at work. (any suggestions???)

Thank you for reading as always :) I hope this year's been treating you well!

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