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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy first day of Autumn ^^ I'm looking forward to the cool weather where I can wear long sleeves knowing that I won't sweat through every crevice within the first five minutes of being outside. I can wear my pretty things again ^^

I've become sucked into facebook... I'm posting every day it's quite pathetic really.

My dog's barking/growling at everyone he meets and I don't know how to stop him! He's stopped listening to my sharp "NO's" and "nuh-uh's!" snaps and clicks. The only thing I have left are light tappings on his rump to break his attention and I get horrified looks from people. Also, when he plays, he likes to charge me and bite my ankle/shoes/pants as he passes, and it's so quick he doesn't give me time to react and scold him. Those dog training shows on tv suggest treats when walking, but I feel like that just encourages the behavior because the dog barks and growls, you give him a treat to "distract" but essentially it's just rewarding.

My mom's cleaning out her basement. Not a fun task cuz everything has to be reviewing around 3 times. I decide it's trash, my mother either confirms or negates that it's trash, and then later it has to be sorted into donation or yard sale. When I was younger it was tough getting rid of stuff because she would go through and say, "you can't get rid of this your aunt gave it to you!" or "well I'm going to use this for something else" and in the end I wouldn't really get rid of anything -.- thankfully though today was fairly productive. I didn't finish though because I hit some old college boxes full of memories and letters from exes I had to read their sweet words, feel horrible all over again about breaking their heart, and take a deep breath and throw it away so I won't ever look at it again. I stopped when I hit my old architectural models and even though I know I'll throw them out one day, I wasn't ready to today.

Job's going well. Getting increasingly more complicated. I'm proud that I'm keeping up with all the learning quickly. I find myself actually typing up my notes into individual instruction manuals that probably only I can understand, lol. These word documents are such a scattering of words arrows and directions it's kind of amusing.

And that's all! I'm tired, but everything's good. Still wondering if I should be worried that Joe doesn't talk about the future. Oct 1 marks our 2yr anniversary. Normally it would worry me, but since everything's great now, I'm perfectly happy with keeping things the same.

I hope everyone's doing well and the fall weather where ever you are is likewise treating you well ^^

Thank you for reading! -Lute

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