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Saturday, September 8, 2012

while digging through the pile of crap I've mounted in the backroom I've come across the two chobits volumes I bought last summer, started re-reading them, I can't get over how cute Chi is, and I'm in the mood to dress like her for halloween, lol. Biggest thing to do really is making those ears. or if anyone knows of a place online I could look for a pair? I'm gonna go over to michaels, get a headband and some fabric strips and see if I can cut and glue them. I really like the series because it brings up some interesting issues like relationships with machines as opposed to people, how guys view/treat women like the whole objects thing, and the female's role when it comes to the relationship. Although, Chi is a perfect example of a girlfriend's "to-do" to make sure any relationship lasts, lol. Maybe she reminds me of myself in that respect.

my back is in serious pain this morning, it hurts just to bend slightly to the side. I've never had back pain like this before so I don't know what to do with it. I'm sitting against a heat pad and gonna take some advil soon

and I was online checking out what kind of an online presence my company has, and they have an open to the public caption contest, so I thought of something funny, entered the contest, then thought, "maybe I can't cuz I'm an employee..." checked the rules, and yup, wasn't supposed to enter. SOooo we'll see what happens with that.

my mother's had it with my grandmother (they're living together) she got so stressed she had to make an emergency appointment with her therapist. my grandmother's on a waiting list for a home, so my mother's just waiting for that to happen. It made me think though, to what extent are we responsible for taking care of family members? Parents can change the locks and kick their teens out at 18. But you can't just kick an old lady out of the house at 90, or legally, could someone actually do that? I want to look up the legal responsibilities people have for family members. Because dropping an old woman off at the train station and saying "good luck" and she dies, it's kinda your fault even though she's technically an adult. hmm...

thank you for reading everyone and have a great weekend!

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