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Friday, August 24, 2012

*giggles* thank you all so much about your turkey sandwich insistings. I think your wishes for me to have a turkey sandwich accumulated in the cosmos and is the reason why I have had 5 homemade turkey sandwiches and 2 sandwich shop turkey sandwiches in the past 2 weeks lol. I told Joe of my craving, and he went out, bought all the ingredients and made the best mouth watering homemade turkey sandwich complete with a garden tomato and bacon! :P *mouth watering* lol :D I know he loves me because he goes that extra mile when cooking for me, lol

Good luck to everyone headed back to school! You know, I'm finding it kind of funny. It's always been looking to the next step, completing one thing to get to another, but I'm actually in a point of my life where I am perfectly happy and wanting things to go just as they are. I love my job, I love my guy, I love my dog, there's nothing more to work towards in my life, there's nothing else I want in the grand scheme of life. I love my routine and am perfectly happy to let it keep rollin' ---is that wrong? It seems like we're brought up to constantly be reaching for that next brass ring.

anycase thank you all for reading I hope you've been well! ^^

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