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Sunday, August 12, 2012

my brother had the most perfect wedding anyone could ever ask for. I think I was a decent-looking bridesmaid, now I'm anxiously waiting for the pictures to come out, and hopefully I wasn't doing a dorky grin or something. Considering the anxiety I usually experience with anything family/crowd related, I think I did well. Called it quits and went home at 10:30pm. They all went to an after party but I decided not to go. I had done so well of not embarrassing myself or my brother I decided it best to end on a high note. I'm hoping no one's offended that I chose not to go to the after party. This morning I was passed out. They had a morning brunch arranged today but I was too tired to drive the hour to get there, that plus it's more for people who were coming in from out of town.

I'm hungry, been craving a turkey sandwich for the past 3 days.

hope everyone's been well ^^

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