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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Today I had a good day and when I came to related arts I became this neutral girl like Hana off of Fruits Basket but I'm going to be like her even in high school so I can start being her now so I can get everything down in time for high school.
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sasuke:Are you okay Crystal?
Me:I'm fine.*sneezes*
Sasuke:Sounds like you have a cold.
Me:A little one.
Naru:It's not a little one. You also have a fever.
Me:I'm telling ya I'm fi--*faints*
Naru:Her fever has gone up.
Sakura:Will she be okay?
Sasuke:Yeah afterall she is the hokage of the mist village**But I'm worried too**
Naru:*takes me to Kakashi sensei*
Kakashi:She'll have to stay with us until she gets better.
Me:**Who am I staying with?**
Kakashi:She'll be stayin with Sasuke.
Sasuke:Okay I'll take good care of her.
__________At Sasuke's home_______________________
Sasuke:*kisses my forehead* **I knew I'll be stuck with her**
to be continued...

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

  Me:I better go check on Naru.
Naruto:Sis you look better.
Me:*touch my neck where Orochimaru bit me* Yeah.
Naru:Are you okay?
Me:Fine...*laughs nervously*
Naru:*chuckles* Okay then.
Me:*startled* Yeah.
Sasuke:Naruto you idiot leave your sister alone.
Me:Um... guys don't argue.
to be continued...

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kakashi:She's okay.
______________In my hospital room________________
Sasuke:Crystal time to go.
Me:Are you okay?
Sasuke:Yeah I'm fine.
Me:Sure you are.
To be continued...

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  Me:*cracks opens my eyes* Huh... Sasuke what are you doing here?
Sasuke:Checking if your okay.**Good she doesn't know I kissed her.**
Me:*Gets up* Ow!
Sasuke:Don't get up so fast.
Me:*sees Sasuke's neck with Orochimaru's bite*...
Sasuke:*covers it up.*
Me:You don't need to hide it from me. I have the bite too.
Me:*smile as well*
______________With Naruto____________
Naruto:**Sis you get hurt alot**
Sakura:Naruto are you okay?
Me:Hi little bro.
Naruto:Sis don't scare me like that.
Sasuke:*smiles* **She's even prettier when she smiles.**
The End tell me if there should be a sequel.

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  Naruto:Sasuke have you seen my sister?
Sasuke:Who's your sister?
Naruto:nvm...**Sis where are you**
Sasuke:I found something.
Sakura:What Sasuke?
Me:*laid on the ground and has Orochimaru's bite*
_______________At the leaf village_______________
Naruto*sees Kakashi* Is my sister okay?
Kakashi:Naruto I don't thonk so she has Orochimaru's bite mark.
Sasuke:*goes to check on me* It's true then that Crystal has the same mark as me.
Sasuke:*kisses my lips*
Me:*calms down*
to be continued...

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Demondogzelda is a good friend that with my love and support can get anything accomplished and she never gives up even when the odds are down and the way she is just makes me happy because my best friend is so cool. Post tomorrow maybe.
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What is with sadness well it's a feeling you get when someone makes fun of you and mostly you would change the way you are or just maybe kill yourself. Even love can bring you sadness but there is still people who love you and the way you are. I speak for everyone that we still love anybody.
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