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Now that I've been on Otaku for awhile. I have made so many friends now and I still like meeting new ones.Well I just hope everyone will still make friends with me. And thanx to those who already have lol.Woo for the Pocky Club, u know u want to join!
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I hope I can get more of my drawings up soon but I have no idea when it'll happen because I DO NOT have access to a scanner T_T so I can't really just scan them in and put them in the database but I'll find a way *steals friend's scanner* jk jk lol. Ok now since school has started I am not going to be on as much but I will try but for now good bye.^_^
P.S Amaya Night Raine made me a button hopefully this works but here it is
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Monday, March 24, 2008

   Postage in awhile o.o
Wow I haven't posted here in awhile. I neglect MyO so I feel bad now. But, there's just not a lot to do on it. Lately, I've been caught up in my second semester for freshman year of college @.@ I have the same teacher for english as I had for humanities. So the class is FULL of work. But, I did enjoy my spring break. I got to hang around with some friends who were away at their colleges. And this previous weekend I went to Anime Boston. It was a lot of fun, but they really need to get their act together. My friend, who had to register during con, waited in line for over 8 hours o____o yeah that's one big fricken line. But, I got to see The Pillows live,and this band called Luv & Response opened for em. The Pillows were okay, they were practically screaming into the mic though #.# I think they would've sung better had they gotten sleep the night before. And Luv & Response felt like a strip tease with crappy rap >_< but I did go to the name that tune contest. I got in too X3 but I lost D: it's alright though, I'll live. The AMV contest this year had some choice selections : ) I saw the best Deathnote AMV! It took the entire series and told it to a song that was 4 mins long. I personally, didn't think Deathnote could be told in 4 mins, but apparently it can. I also saw a very hilarious Evangelion AMV, and a really cute Ouran High Host Club AMV. Did I mention I bought a lot of stuff? Yeah, I brought too much money and blew just about all of it. BUT, I did remember to eat something besides soup this year XD so I went to the food court and enjoyed pizza, and bourbon chicken, mac and cheese, and white rice. So, definitely more than soup this year. I brought a friend with me this year as a B-day/X-mas gift for him, it was his first con too. He enjoyed it a lot. I even went to a few panels on fanfiction writing and writing in general. They were pretty fun. So, overall I'll try to post more on here. But, I'm not promising. I've been working on weekends, and school during the week. So, lacking the time to blow off by blogging. But, I'm glad I took the time to write a new one X3 I missed you guys.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just opened my wireless mouse and had to try it! Finally no more touchpad : ) though now I realize I'm used to using touchpad >< but I prefer my mouse :3 anyways, I hope you all got what you wanted under the tree X3 and if not, then I hope there's some fun surprises before New Years for you all ^__^ have a Merry Christmas.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

   Life, people, help, humanities, criticism
Thought I'd be random with the subject but, things are starting to wind down now that finals are next week. I'm pretty confident for my humanities final,all I have to do is present a story I wrote and explain its relevance to the class. Tomorrow I hang out with Andy, he comes home from Bentley. Plus, we're celebrating the end of 1st semester...even though we go to different to different colleges xD but also my first fanfic on fanfiction.net finally hit 5,000 : D so I'm excited.
Next week is my finals week and then winter break, I definitely need this break. Work has been so much fun though. It doesn't get too busy now because of winter and all but the staff always gives me things to do when there's no one in the zoo or giftshop.
Well, I don't really know what to talk about right now but, rambling is always good I guess. I just want to be able to sleep in for once xD or hide under the covers and go online to talk to people all day. It's too cold now to go outside. It snowed so much yesterday that classes were canceled today. And now I'm gonna get off my comp...been on for too long. I think I should show my mother that I'm alive XD well c ya guys. And have an early Merry Christmas! (Happy Holidsays?.? wtf...screw politically correct terms.)

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

   Been forever ne?
Well, I realize I have free time...or at least procrastinating time again. So, here I am posting yet another random blog. Really I haven't had the time with work, midterms, classes, school, friends, did I mention the midterms? Work has been going smoothly and turns out to be fun at times. Today I had to go in for noon till close, they just love making me work weekends. But, I got the rest of the week off because I'm going away with my parents to NH after Thanksgiving : D so mwuahaha. I, like many college students have lack of funds, I spent it on anime xD bought some Soul Taker DVDs. It's a bizarre anime, but anyways. I've made some college buddies sorta. I joined the anime club or should say helped form it. I'm treasurer :) and I'm anticipating already the fun for Anime Boston 2008. I'm dragging one of my friends to it because he's never been to a con. Also, the whole writing thing...I've tried to do NaNoWriMo but I seem to be enjoying to write everything BUT what I'm writing for NaNoWriMo...so I think I won't finish it. And like my story, I'll stop my post here; being incomplete. I blame the 100th episode of Family Guy on Adult Swim. What d'ya think? It's worth it XP ttyl guys! (P.S. I'm alive y'know :P )

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Monday, October 8, 2007

   Crzy Busy Day!? of boringness and not enough ppl at work-.-
Well today started crappy and ended crappy. Of course, the weather was cloudy and I came into work cause its what I do on Sunday mornings...I work. So I opened the giftshop and got everything settled, yay. Then there was a birthday party scheduled right at opening so had to open the doors early for some people and direct em to the classroom/birthday area. Then things were slow due to the depressing weather. Then my co-worker Jen comes it at noon and we take turns working the giftshop so we can go into the zoo and see the animals. It was fun, I got to walk around which I haven't done in forever at the zoo. Saw the otters, kangaroos, some llambas, fruit bats, lots of snakes, lemurs, a csirbil, some monkeys, even a few African lions. At the moment the zoo director is in South Africa getting a white lion for the zoo. So, that'll be really cool cause there's only 350 in the entire world. Before I clocked out and left work for 1:30 I grabbed some sweet potato fries from the concession stand (perks of being an employee, free food) I ended up bringing the fries to a bench in the park area and ate outside then started my trek home. It wasn't too bad of a day. I mean after that I was basically stuck inside playing the new Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo DS. I can barely get myself away from it. It's really good :) and mostly you use the stylus. I also got vol 3 of Gunsmith Cats to read. There's over 400 pages of manga goodness there :3 (yay Dark Horse Comics and making Omnibus revised editions!) besides watching the lil niece with a friend so my parents could go out to eat. That's about all that happened today. Tomorrow is Columbus Day and I have no school and no work for the rest of the week. So...tomorrow is restful Josh day plus get some hw done u slacker week. Anyways c ya guys for now! Oh yeah, fyi I wrote out a 2nd chapter to my fantasy novel :3 ok, bye!
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